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Blast Off – Sandi Blackwell, Stitched Buy

Wednesday, June 8th, 2016

Today’s guest blog hopper is Sandi Blackwell of Stitched Buy. Sandi is kept busy with her Craftsy classes, patterns, teaching and her stack of books. The most recent is pictured below. Sandi created the Square-agonals technique of making on-point quilts without all those pesky triangles. Simply sew squares and rectangles together, make a few well placed cuts, reassemble and…viola…on-point quilts. It’s pretty cool.

Sandi and I first met several years ago when she was doing bus trips and we made special arrangements for her guests at a quilt show where I was vending. Her guests got the star treatment in our booth and I got a great way to get folks into my booth, usually one of their first stops. It has worked wonderfully many times over the years. Big thank you to Sandi for helping me to create a great marketing strategy!

I had a chance to sit down with Sandi on my recent trip to Salt Lake City and catch up. Did we get a photo? No. But here we are in 2013 sneaking in some chit-chat amongst the crowds. We both had longer hair back then!

Sandi will also be the guest teacher for our April 2017 retreat. We’ll be together for a weekend…think we can manage to get a photo? Time will tell…

You can visit Sandi’s blog to see what she has going on and leave a comment for a chance at her giveaway today. You can also find her at these social media locations:

Facebook –
Pinterest –

Craftsy – Sandi Blackwell
Website – Stitched Buy

Grand Prize Comment:  Before you head over to Sandi’s leave a comment here to be entered for a chance at the grand prize by answering this question…

What’s for dinner tonight? I’m always looking for something healthy, tasty and (above all else) easy to prepare! Include instructions or a recipe for an extra entry for the grand prize drawing!

We have a winner!

Friday, December 18th, 2015

We have a winner for our book give-away. We shook the magic number generator and…ta da…Charlotte Dunn, your number came up. I asked everyone to comment with what your favorite color(s) are to work with. It was very entertaining reading if you want to go back and take a peak. The answers were all over the place. Quilt shops do not need to go heavy on any one color way anytime soon! Here is what Charlotte had to say…

“I love adding mustard to all quilts. I made the cutest green moose quilt. I kept working and working and it was so not coming together. So, low and. Behold I added mustard!!! WOW, IT WAS WHAT IT NEEDED. It’s one of my favorites now. I’d be honored to win your book. The purple moose is the emails I always look for. Everything needs a moose attached. Merry Merry Christmas. Thank you for a great year.”

And just to be clear…this was a totally random above board choice of the winner. The fact that Charlotte sucked up to me only strokes my ego…nothing to do with her winning! Congratulations Charlotte, can’t wait to see what you do with Sandi’s designs.

Book Review & Giveaway

Sunday, December 13th, 2015

One of the perks of knowing so many talented quilt artists is that they will occasionally ask me to review their book. It’s always a treat – and sometimes I get to see the book before the rest of the world! I feel so special. (Send in my hand maidens with fans, I’m feeling flushed.) Today that honor comes from my friend Sandi Blackwell.


Sandi has made a name for herself by coming up with a technique to create quilts with on-point blocks without all that messy math to figure out the setting triangles. She calls this technique Square-agonals. This is her fourth (yes, 4th!) book using this technique. There is a little blurb in the book that explains the precise math involved to make this technique work but I skipped it. It’s not for the faint of heart to read and is ABSOLUTELY not required to know in order to make these designs. That’s the beauty of Sandi’s methods. I luv people like her!

Basically, you sew some squares and pieced blocks together, do a little slice and dice, give ’em a spin and sew the pieces back together. Then…viola…you have blocks on point. It’s magic. Depending on exactly where you put your initial blocks creates different finished projects. Sandi expertly explains (in both wording and pictures) where to place those blocks, how to make those slices and what the final outcome will be. This book has 6 different projects and each has 3 different design options. That’s 18 different possibilities in one book. There are 2 runners and 4 quilts (lap to queen size). I’m torn between the Babbaloo Quilt which has a modern flair and is in one of my favorite color combos teal/lime green or the Lightning Quilt which is pictured on the cover…or maybe I’ll start with the Legacy For Patti Runner which would be stunning in fall colors, oh but there’s one with stars too…sigh…guess I have to make them all…

You can check out Sandi’s website Stitched Buy to get more info. She also has a couple of free patterns there so you can try the technique and see how easy it is.  How cool is that, you can try before you buy! You can also check out Sandi’s Craftsy classes, hear her podcast with Pat Sloan and more.

Sandi will also be a guest teacher at our April 2017 retreat. We don’t have details yet (it’s over a year away!) but we are taking pre-registration names if you want to be the first to know. Just drop us an email and let us know you want on the list. Retreat Info

You can also get the book for FREE right here. Yup, I’m giving one away! Simply leave a comment here on the blog telling me what your favorite color combo is for quilting. I will randomly pick one on Thursday December 17th at midnight. OK, ok…so I probably won’t pick it at midnight…more like first thing Friday morning but you know what I mean!

Ready, set….comment!

Do You Craftsy?

Monday, May 5th, 2014

If you haven’t discovered Craftsy yet…what are you waiting for? It doesn’t cost anything to get a Craftsy account and once you have one you can download patterns (both free and for a cost). You can also take online classes and buy fabric and other items too. Although I can’t see why you would want to buy any “stuff” there when we have such cool things in our store (grin…)

One of my buddies has recently offered a new class on Craftsy – Sandi Blackwell of Square-agonals fame. Sandi has come up with a way to make quilts with a diagonal or on-point setting without all that fussy math. The class includes almost 2 hours of instruction broken into small sections that you can go through at your leisure. During the course you can complete a quick, on-point table runner, a medallion style quilt with a vibrant secondary design and a charming traditional basket quilt set on-point. There is also help finishing the projects with beautiful borders  and tips to add your own style spin using the Square-agonals technique.

Sandi makes it easy to create on-point and diagonal designs so you will have more time to quilt and enjoy your finished projects. It doesn’t get any better than that, does it? Oh, but it does! Sandi has generously offered a discount code so you can get $5.00 off the price of the class. Simply click this link for the discount. You can check out more about the class too before you actually purchase it. Regular price is $29.99 but the discounted price is $24.99.

Can’t wait to see the great quilts you all create using Sandi’s technique. Leave me a comment and we’ll randomly choose one to get a free class with Sandi! You have until Mother’s Day 5/11/14 at noon EST. Ready, set, comment…


Have you discovered Square-agonals®?

Monday, February 27th, 2012

OK, so I am trying desperately to convince myself that I’m not getting the nasty head cold that hubby just got rid of. I’m not being very convincing though… So we’re going to have a guest blogger this week instead of my ramblings. Take it away Sandi…

“Square-agonals®; A New Angle on Quilting”
A new quilt book – a new technique
by: Sandi Blackwell


Square-agonals® is my easy technique for creating diagonal set/on point quilts without the extra work of cutting corner and setting triangles or doing math calculations.

How is it done? Your quilt top design is pieced together in rows of squares (these squares can be pieced, appliqued, directional or plain depending on your final design). The quilt top is then starched, marked with two specific cutting lines and then cut into three sections. Prior to cutting, the three sections are marked with numbered arrows and cutting guide tape. The three sections are then reassembled in a new configuration. The result is your finished design in a diagonal setting. Just add borders to complete your quilt top. All sizes of blocks and quilts can use this new technique. The secret of the finished quilt is the sewing and cutting layouts for each design.

My book “Square-agonals®; A New Angle on Quilting“, by Landauer Publishing, explains in detail the Square-agonals® process through a variety of fourteen projects. The projects range from table runners to full size quilts, with or without sashing. They are simple basic projects, but they will give you the opportunity to create a variety of exciting new designs that will look far more complicated. I have also released a new line of Square-agonals® Patterns, all new and based on my technique. Each pattern gives you three size options. I am also working on two new Square-agonals® books.

Come visit my website, for complete instructions of a free new Square-agonals® pattern, “Simply Square-agonals™”. It is a table mat/topper design with instructions for two sizes and is an easy pattern to teach you the Square-agonals® technique.

Sandi Blackwell
March 2012