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Blast Off – Last Chance…

Sunday, June 12th, 2016

Today is the last chance to get some free stuff. Check back on my previous posts and add a comment to any that you missed. Check out my fellow blog hoppers and leave comments on their posts too. Not all of them have chosen their winners yet! I’ll be choosing the grand prize winner sometime this evening. Why the vague timeframe? We have a new graduate in the house and it’s party time today!

Graduation was yesterday followed by an all night Grad Night. They all went to Massachusetts to a water park, then a roller rink/bowling alley and finally Dunkin Donuts for breakfast and returned in a zombie state to school at 6:30 this morning. Just enough time for a power nap before the afternoon parties start! So, sometime this evening when I get home I’ll be picking a winner.


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Blast Off – PG Fiber2Art

Thursday, June 9th, 2016

Today’s guest blog hoppers are Susan Price and Elizabeth Gibson of PG Fiber2Art. I first met these two ladies last year at a business conference in Washington DC. They took one look at the hometown on my nametag and got all excited. Since I hail from a tiny town (population 744) where even folks in the area don’t know where we are, I got excited too. Turns out Elizabeth’s family has had a camp here since the 1930’s and it’s about a mile from my house! They are both in the education business by day (actually Susan is now retired! Lucky lady) so they spend summers here at the lake getting crafty. Due to my travels I was only able to spend a small amount of time with them last summer. I’m not traveling as much this summer so I hope to spend some more time with them. What do they do during their crafty summers? You name it, they probably do it! Last summer during my visit I tried my hand at screen printing, there were sun printed pieces laying around the yard catching some rays and I missed the indigo pot. They have more art supplies at their camp than I have ever seen in one place. It’s crafter heaven!

pgfiber2art 2015

Their “other job” (the fun one!) is PG Fiber2Art. They sell thermofax screens for your crafting pleasure and will even custom make them for you. They make the most beautiful challenge and art quilts that are often traveling the globe in exhibits. Take a look at previous posts on their blog and see if you don’t agree. Better yet, check out their Etsy shop, grab a couple of screens and get crafty yourself. There are also tips on how to take photos to make screens from, adventures in dyeing and LOTS of quilting eye candy from the various quilt shows they visit.


You can visit Susan & Elizabeth’s blog to see whats the happs over there. Be sure and leave a comment for a chance at their giveaway. You can also find them at these social media locations:

Grand Prize Comment:  Before you head over to PG Fiber2Art leave a comment here to be entered for a chance at the grand prize by answering this question…

What are your thoughts on art quilting? All for it? it’s not really quilting? Somewhere in the middle?