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The Best of 2014

Friday, January 16th, 2015

Every year when I do the year-end inventory I find it interesting to tally up what was the “hot” item for the year. This year I thought I would share that with you.

The best selling tools of 2014? Hands down the Perfect Scissors and the Bohin Chalk Pencil. The Wood Iron was in third place.

Perfect Scissors-sm Bohin Chalk Marker setWood Iron

Hottest patterns? Happee Tree by Laura Bittel was #1 and Ashleigh by Calico Carriage Quilt Design was #2.

Happee Tree quilt patternAshleigh pattern

Best selling twister pattern was Crab Twist by Handcrafts by Jennifer. Two popular twister patterns are Here Kitty Kitty and Who Let The Dogs Out by Raggedy Ruth Designs. I sold 50% more cats than dogs. My dog Zelda is hanging her head in embarrassment…

Crab Twist pattern Here Kitty, Kitty pattern Who Let The Dogs Out pattern

Best selling Schmetz machine needle was the Microtex/Sharp size 80. Best selling John James hand needle was a three way tie Sharps #9, Big Eye 10 and Milliner Gold.

Embroidery 5PKJohn James Sharps Needles

Best selling Presencia thread color? #355 Light Gray

355 Light Gray

Best selling fun item? The spool pin doily.

Spool Pin Doily, various colors

Now, lets see what will be #1 in 2015!

Cutting Mat Cleaning

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

There are so many other things I would rather do than clean – shovel snow, weed the garden, hide in the closet and cry… I’m sure some of you can relate. Sometimes though a quick clean-up can make your whole project go much smoother. Here’s a tasty little tid-bit on cleaning your rotary cutting mat.

When your cutting mat get fibers stuck in the cuts it can be very annoying. Your fabric won’t lie flat or slide across easily and the older your mat, the worse it gets. If you have been slicing and dicing batting or flannel your mat can look like a fluffy bunny.


I buy these el-cheapo scrubbers at the dollar store, bargain bins, wherever. Oddly, Staples has always been a good spot to find them cheap. Oh no, I just gave away a cool bargain hunting ground… Anyhoo, they come 2 or 3 to a package and run about a buck. Brand doesn’t matter, just cheap.  Simply wipe the cutting mat with the scrubber and it pulls all those fibers out so you have a smooth cutting surface again. Easy peasy. Just make sure that it’s clean and only used for your mat. You wouldn’t want last nights pot roast to be embedded in the cuts of your mat, yuck.