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Last Minute Gifts For Quilters

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

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The holidays are almost here…how ya doing on your gift list??? If there are still some holes in it we may have just the thing. Feel free to forward this to your secret Santa too! Or you can just skip the middleman and buy yourself what you really want. You know the old saying “If you want it done right, do it yourself!”


You have until the 20th of December to ensure delivery by Christmas if you choose Priority Mail. If you live in New England…we can probably go until the 21st…hopefully…



LED lightLED lamp

I have sold hundreds of the little portable lights in the first photo. They’re a great light. Now they have a big brother! They both have 3 levels of brightness and are both powered by either 4 AA batteries (not included) or a USB cord (included) with just the touch of a finger. Now you can take your light where you need it most…in the living room while watching tv…while traveling, in dark hotel rooms…during class or retreat…at your sewing area at home…or all of them since they move easily with no cord!


Both lights can be maneuvered around to get the light exactly where you need it. The little one folds/unfolds to point light where you need it. The larger one has a flexible neck to get the light in just the right spot.


The little one can be found here. It sells for $14.95


The larger one can be found here. It sells for $19.95


Quick To Finish Projects!

Have you ever looked at your gift list and thought…oh crap, I forgot Penelope and we’re going to her house tomorrow! Perhaps you need a quick gift to give or you need a little something for a secret sister…Mini Projects may be just the answer. It’s always good to keep one or two on hand for emergencies! You can whip one of these out in an afternoon (no really, you can!) or just give them the pattern and let them have all the fun. We have LOTS to choose from! Check ’em out here.

Bloomin' Poinsettia My Love Bad Hare Day A Spot Of Tea


Tea Towels Are NOT Just For Tea!

Is your honey like mine and forgets to tell you things? “Oh, did I forget to tell you that we’re going to the Smith’s for dinner tonight?”…sigh…it’s a good thing I love him…


I don’t like to go to someone’s home empty handed but I don’t have a lot of time or money either so don’t expect any fine china or expensive wine if you have me over! A tea towel made for the host/hostess is just perfect. If I want to do a little more then I’ll put the towel as a liner in a basket or other container and add some homemade goodies. Oh heck, buy the homemade looking ones from the store and transfer them to the basket. No one will ever know. Just remember…it’s an old family recipe and Great Aunt Hilda would never allow you to divulge the family secret…


You really can make these in a blink of an eye. If you hurry you can get one done in about an hour…really…yes, even you! If I can do it, so can you. These are also good to keep on hand for emergencies. Especially if you have a forgetful honey like I do!


You can find the tea towels here and the tea towel patterns here.

Cuppa The Six'Teas

Good luck with those gift lists!



I Made A Little Lovely!

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

I am so excited to be a guest designer this month for Susan Emory of  Swirly Girl Design. Each month Susan asks someone to create a block for her Little Lovely project. This month it’s me (squeal!) and here’s my block…

Little Lovely Louise

I named it Louise after my grandmother. It’s not all that difficult to construct, it’s just half square triangles. If you are afraid of them, not to worry. I walk you through the easy method of sew-big-and-trim-to-size.  I find this method is easiest for me because the units will all come out the perfect size.  No stretching of the bias edges or cutting odd 7/8″measurements.


After creating the block I discovered a cool secondary design. I am currently writing this from a hotel room with sketchy wifi and without my big computer, I really wish I could show you that here today…sigh…its first on my to-do list when I get home on Sunday. It’s a sad state of affairs when I can’t do what I want in the hotel…or should have done before I left home…


I’m back home and can now properly finish this post!!!

When I put several of the blocks together I saw some secondary designs. Here is what several blocks look like together:


Can you see the extra pinwheels? Here they are in orange:


There are some diamonds in there too. Here they are in yellow:


And if I change the half pinwheels on the edge to orange too…


We have now eliminated all the background color and added some yellow and orange. Isn’t it cool how some color changes make it a completely different quilt? Here is the block with all the background eliminated:


Head on over to Susan’s website so you can get the full instructions for the block. I will also be offering up a gift to a lucky quilter so when you’re over at Susan’s leave a comment and get your name in the running for the prize of a 6.5″ ruler, a seam guide and a couple of fun pins. You can also check out the other Little Lovelies too, there’s some great patterns!


Thank you for letting me guest design for you Susan. If I ever get the chance to collaborate with you again I promise to follow the rules and not be so lame…






Sassy Scarf

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Check out our newest item…Sassy Ribbon by Red Heart

Sassy Ribbon

OK, the package says Sassy Fabric but it’s really a ribbon. What can you do with it you ask? Make a scarf!

Sassy Ribbon

It could not be any easier. You can even do it while watching tv! Each skein of ribbon has 30 yards and works up to a scarf about 7′ long. Don’t want one that long? Then you don’t have to use the whole thing. All you need is a crochet hook, size J…or something close (size is not critical) and about an hour of your time.


The ribbon is about 2.5″ wide and is scalloped on one side and has evenly spaced holes on the other side.


Slide your hook from back to front through the first hole, back to front through the second hole, then third, fourth and fifth hole – back to front each time. Pick up the sixth hole and draw it through the first five holes on the hook.


You are now left with a single hole on the hook. Continue on, adding five holes back to front and sliding the sixth hole through until you reach the end or the desired length. When you reach the end use the last few holes to go back and tie off on the portion already hooked together to secure the end. That’s it, you’re all done. The scarf will twist and turn on it’s own as you go. Wasn’t that simple? It comes in a variety of colors and we only have a limited quantity so hurry on in to get yours! Sassy Ribbon

Origami Folded Fabric Ornaments

Saturday, December 12th, 2015


This past fall I had the absolute pleasure of having Ami Simms as guest teacher at our retreat. She is my #1 all time favorite teacher…ever! Anyhoo, today she shared this awesome ornament technique that I can’t wait to try. After watching the original video from Kevin MacLeod I think Ami has improved upon his instructions. These would also make great little gifties for the older set (put a photo of your youngins on the back) or a teacher with a gift card on the back. Hmm…now where did I put my Christmas fabrics…

Origami Folded Fabric Ornaments

Last Minute Gift Idea

Thursday, December 10th, 2015

It’s two weeks until Christmas…how’s your list coming? Getting everyone crossed off? If you have a person or two left I have a great idea. Make them a pillowcase! These are not only good for kids but for adults too. You can choose fabrics (I prefer flannel!) in motifs/colors that mean something to them. One year I gave my adult niece and her hubby a pair with VW bug fabric (they REALLY like VW’s) – you would have thought I gave them a winning lottery ticket. Pillowcases are also good when you don’t know the recipient very well or maybe it’s an older person who has everything they need. We all sleep, even vampires. Here are two cases I finished today for a little boy who likes the outdoors and a little girl who likes arts & crafts.

Flannels selected

Flannels selected

Finished Pillowcases

Finished Pillowcases


There are many different patterns out there for making pillowcases. My favorite is a FREE pattern on my Craftsy site. Purple Moose-Craftsy If you look in the photo below from the Craftsy page you can see the VWs! The pattern includes instructions for standard, king and travel size pillows. Travel pillows make great first pillows for little ones…they also fit in vampire coffins…or so I’m told…

(9) Name: 'Sewing : Pillowcase Pattern


Sunrise At The Cabin

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

The baby news out of England is all over the airwaves…we have baby news too! No, not the human kind…I have just given birth to my latest pattern! Sunrise At The Cabin is a paper pieced center medallion surrounded by traditionally pieced log cabin blocks. The pattern offers sizes from lap to king.


The process to create a quilting pattern is not unlike the human pregnancy experience. When you first get the idea you are very excited and can’t wait to tell everyone. Then the morning sickness and weight gain begin as you realize all the editing and sample making that are in your future. Towards the end of the gestation period you only scream that you just want it to be all over…and RIGHT NOW!  Unlike humans, the gestation period for patterns varies greatly. This particular pattern is in the elephant category. I have been fighting with…err…working with this one for YEARS. It has been a sometimes painful process. I’m not sure why it was so difficult but for some reason my brain had “issues” with this pattern, the words just didn’t flow.

Some designers opt for the cesarean approach and have an editor write their pattern for them. I opted for the more traditional Natural Pattern Birth and stuck it out. Granted the pattern could have been finished long ago with a cesarean but I feel better now, having done it the old fashioned way, all by myself. Of course there were a few complications in the delivery room with the printer but it all worked out in the end.

sunrise center

I owe a HUGE thank you to my mid-wife, Beth Helfter of EvaPaige Quilt Designs for giving me a good swift kick in the rear (on several occasions I might add…) in spurring me to get this pattern finished.

I will be debuting the pattern at Maine Quilts this weekend. We will even have a special introductory price of only $8.00. If you’ll be at the show be sure and stop by to check out my new baby. I won’t have cigars but I will have purple chocolate kisses for ya!