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Spicy Spiral class

Saturday, January 30th, 2016

So, how did I spend my Friday? Well, it all started Thursday evening with a phone call from a friend, Starr. She was supposed to teach a class on Friday but was under the weather and wanted to  know if I could cover for her. Of course! A quick run through with Starr on the particulars of the class (number of students, what handouts they already had, etc…), a frantic search for my sample of the table runner so I would have it in class. It was at the bottom of the last bin that holds all my samples…of course. Grab the rulers and patterns because I didn’t know what the shop, Sew Orchid Design in Norway ME, had on hand, set the alarm for O-Dark-Thirty (ugh…) and we’re all set.

I was very pleasantly surprised to find that two of the students have been guests at my retreat so it was like old home week. We were a small but mighty group and almost everyone completed their tops. One of the ladies had to leave early and I failed to take her photo with what she had done. My apologies Georgia.

Here is what Edna completed…


Here is what Karla completed…


Here is what Heidi completed…


Great job ladies and I look forward to teaching you again in the future…hopefully not because of illness though. Get better Starr!

Insane Quilter

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

My guild recently had a speaker that is, dare I say…insane. Her name is Karen Sticht. She is actually a member of our guild and I have seen her work before but had never seen a lot of the items she brought for her trunk show. Karen is known for her work in miniatures. There is always the running joke that Karen can’t make a 12″ block, that’s a whole quilt for her. I just wanted to share the work of someone that has great attention to detail.

Here is a Log Cabin quilt. It is machine stitched. I left my fingers in the photo so you can have a reference of the size.


Karen’s Log Cabin


Here’s a close-up of the log cabin. And, yes, that is a PIECED binding!


Log Cabin close-up


Here is a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt. It’s all hand stitched.


Karen’s Grandmother’s Flower Garden


Here is a close-up. I love the partial blocks in the border. Looks like a coneflower.


Grandmother’s Flower Garden close-up

I think the most interesting part of Karen’s trunk show was the progression from the early days with 1.5″ squares to the more current time with these tiny pieces.  I will never make anything this tiny even if I have three lifetimes. While I truly appreciate all that goes into her quilts I think Karen is just a little looney-tunes…but in a good way.

Keep up the good work Karen!

(and please no comments on my lack of a manicure…)

Show & Tell

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Would you like to really make a quilt pattern designers day? Send along a photo of what you made from their pattern! I know I speak for just about every pattern designer out there – we LOVE to see photos!!! I have been busy doing all the little nit-picky things that need doing before our big Virginia show next week. Not very glamorous or fun but necessary. My day was totally lifted by not one but two photo ops.

First up we have Kresti L. from Scandia MN

Kresti made our Once Upon A Bunny Hill pattern and she’s WAAYYY ahead for Easter 2013! At first I thought it was a chocolate bunny (aaawww) but then found out that it’s a velveteen rabbit. So much more classy and refined. I love what Kresti did with the carrot tops too. Nice details Kresti and good job on making it your own. I love it to pieces!

Next up is Kay A. from the United Kingdom

Kay used the Outside The Grid rulers invented by my friend Barbara Chojnacki of Six Gables Designs to make this top. If you’re not familiar with the rulers, they help you to make nine-patch based blocks in any size (think 7″ nine-patch…eww, icky math.) Kay said using the ruler was “foolproof. As long as you remember to use the correct side it is a doddle.” Since my British slang is a bit rusty I can only assume that’s good! Kay also remarked “You may be interested to know that the quilt was absolutely EXACT when I put the border on and needed no trimming.” The ruler helps Kay, but I’m sure your precise sewing skills were at play as well.

So thank you ladies from the bottom of my purple heart for taking a couple of minutes to brighten my day. I’m going to have some very hectic days ahead – anyone else care to send a photo and make me smile? Anyone?