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Last Minute Gifts For Quilters

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

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The holidays are almost here…how ya doing on your gift list??? If there are still some holes in it we may have just the thing. Feel free to forward this to your secret Santa too! Or you can just skip the middleman and buy yourself what you really want. You know the old saying “If you want it done right, do it yourself!”


You have until the 20th of December to ensure delivery by Christmas if you choose Priority Mail. If you live in New England…we can probably go until the 21st…hopefully…



LED lightLED lamp

I have sold hundreds of the little portable lights in the first photo. They’re a great light. Now they have a big brother! They both have 3 levels of brightness and are both powered by either 4 AA batteries (not included) or a USB cord (included) with just the touch of a finger. Now you can take your light where you need it most…in the living room while watching tv…while traveling, in dark hotel rooms…during class or retreat…at your sewing area at home…or all of them since they move easily with no cord!


Both lights can be maneuvered around to get the light exactly where you need it. The little one folds/unfolds to point light where you need it. The larger one has a flexible neck to get the light in just the right spot.


The little one can be found here. It sells for $14.95


The larger one can be found here. It sells for $19.95


Quick To Finish Projects!

Have you ever looked at your gift list and thought…oh crap, I forgot Penelope and we’re going to her house tomorrow! Perhaps you need a quick gift to give or you need a little something for a secret sister…Mini Projects may be just the answer. It’s always good to keep one or two on hand for emergencies! You can whip one of these out in an afternoon (no really, you can!) or just give them the pattern and let them have all the fun. We have LOTS to choose from! Check ’em out here.

Bloomin' Poinsettia My Love Bad Hare Day A Spot Of Tea


Tea Towels Are NOT Just For Tea!

Is your honey like mine and forgets to tell you things? “Oh, did I forget to tell you that we’re going to the Smith’s for dinner tonight?”…sigh…it’s a good thing I love him…


I don’t like to go to someone’s home empty handed but I don’t have a lot of time or money either so don’t expect any fine china or expensive wine if you have me over! A tea towel made for the host/hostess is just perfect. If I want to do a little more then I’ll put the towel as a liner in a basket or other container and add some homemade goodies. Oh heck, buy the homemade looking ones from the store and transfer them to the basket. No one will ever know. Just remember…it’s an old family recipe and Great Aunt Hilda would never allow you to divulge the family secret…


You really can make these in a blink of an eye. If you hurry you can get one done in about an hour…really…yes, even you! If I can do it, so can you. These are also good to keep on hand for emergencies. Especially if you have a forgetful honey like I do!


You can find the tea towels here and the tea towel patterns here.

Cuppa The Six'Teas

Good luck with those gift lists!



The Perfect Quilter Gift, part 2

Friday, December 4th, 2015

Yesterday we told you about our favorite tool holders. Today is all about the perfect tools to fill those holders. We all know the sayings “you get what you pay for” and “use the best tool for the job”. Both of those sayings hold true for quilters. There are soooo many tools and gadgets out there and they’re not all worth the money. At Purple Moose we only sell tools and gadgets that we have played with (sometimes extensively!) and we are comfortable recommending to our customers. We strongly encourage everyone to buy the best tools they can afford. After all, if the tools are making your quilting job easier then you will have more fun. And fun is the ultimate goal in life…right? Here are some of our favorites…



OK, so maybe not the most glamorous tool in your arsenal but these are pretty cool. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what you can use them for around the house or as part of your beauty regimen but I find a pair of good tweezers an essential tool for sewing. I always keep a pair next to my machine to help pull up the bottom thread, help pick out stitches (not that any of us has much practice there…) and to poke and prod stubborn intersections and for turning fabric. These little beauties are about 3.75″ in length overall. They have an angled point and are very lightweight. The colored grip area is a soft plastic and is a little wider for better grip. They come in several colors but we have no control over what colors they send us. You can request a particular color. If we have it we will be happy to send that color to you, otherwise we’ll substitute another color. They sell for $3.85 and you can find them here http://Purple Moose – tweezers

Seam Ripper Stiletto

Seam Ripper & Stiletto

Yes, you can find cheaper versions of these tools but these are so worth the extra money. My seam ripper is about 16 years old. It is not nice and shiny anymore but it is still very sharp and works like a champ. Not that I ever use it… Both the seam ripper and stiletto have very fine, sharp points. This makes the ripper easy to get under the individual threads. When I use a cheap version I feel like I’m cramming a 2X4 under the stitches! They are made of brass which gives them a nice weight. They are about 3.75″ long when closed, 5″ when opened. The cover attaches to become the handle when using them. If you have never used a stiletto before, please start right away. It has a sharp point which can act as extra fingers next to the sewing machine needle, they poke and prod when needed and are indispensable once you start using one. If you have ever sewn your finger (or come close) then you know the value of a stiletto! The seam ripper is $17.99 and can be found here Purple Moose – Seam Ripper and the stiletto is $14.39 and can be found here Purple Moose – Stiletto

Magnetic Wand

Magnetic Wand

Measures about 6.5″ when closed and extends to approximately 25″. It is very strong (we’ve picked up cans of veggies!) and will pull pins from near and far. If pins and needles skitter under the furniture simply wave the wand under there and it will find them. Dumped them all onto the floor? No problem. Handle has a colored rubber covering and it includes a pen clip. Wand comes in red, blue or black. You can request a color and we will do our best to oblige. We cannot order specific colors, we get what they give us.


If you have a man in the house, order two. He will steal it and take it to the garage to pick up greasy nuts and bolts…spoken from experience…

The wand is $5.89 and you can find them here Purple Moose – Magnetic Wand


We have many more notions and tools so have a look around the website. These are just a few of our favorites. Enjoy!

The perfect quilter gift

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

Do you have a quilter on your gift list that you just can’t think of the perfect gift for? Are you a quilter and no one seems to get YOU the perfect gift? We have the answers to both questions! These tool organizers can be gifted empty, full or somewhere in between.

Bobbin Workstation

The Bobbin Workstation is perfect to keep all your “stuff” organized and all in one place. It will hold your bobbins securely in place and has 5 round spots for pencils, seam ripper, small scissors, etc. There is also a long slot for larger items, needle packs, etc. and a spot for a small tape measure. It can be used with or without the Clover magnetic pin caddy. The workstation is $4.95 and you can find it here Purple Moose – workstation the pin caddy comes in three colors and can be found here http://Purple Moose – Pin Caddy

Sewing Case

The sewing case is perfect for the on-the-go quilter. It measures approximately 6.5″ X 9″ when closed. It has nine elastic bands to hold your items and has a zipper to secure everything during transport. It is gray on the inside and royal blue on the outside. Case comes empty. It sells for $5.49 and can be found here http://Purple Moose – Sewing Case

Tool Caddy

The big sister to the sewing case is the tool caddy. This is perfect for the quilter who takes lots of classes or goes on retreats. It measures approximately 15.5″ X 11″.

It has velcro straps on the sides to allow it to stand next to your work area and have all your tools handy. There is a handle on the top for easy carting around.

One side has one large area with eight slots for large items (rotary cutters, small rulers, seam rippers, etc). There is a cover with velcro to secure everything during transport.

The other side has three rows of storage areas. The top two are secured by covers with velcro. The bottom row has elastic/mesh pockets for bulky items.

Case is black and comes empty. It goes for $23.95 and can be found here http://Purple Moose – Tool Caddy


Tomorrows post…what to fill them with!