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Blast Off – Last Chance…

Sunday, June 12th, 2016

Today is the last chance to get some free stuff. Check back on my previous posts and add a comment to any that you missed. Check out my fellow blog hoppers and leave comments on their posts too. Not all of them have chosen their winners yet! I’ll be choosing the grand prize winner sometime this evening. Why the vague timeframe? We have a new graduate in the house and it’s party time today!

Graduation was yesterday followed by an all night Grad Night. They all went to Massachusetts to a water park, then a roller rink/bowling alley and finally Dunkin Donuts for breakfast and returned in a zombie state to school at 6:30 this morning. Just enough time for a power nap before the afternoon parties start! So, sometime this evening when I get home I’ll be picking a winner.


Here is a list with links to the blog hoppers…

Friday 6/3 Terri Sontra, Purple Moose Designs – Overview
Saturday 6/4 Susan Emory Swirly Girls Design
Sunday 6/5 Tammy Silver, Tamarinis
Monday 6/6 Elaine Perez, Summercrafter
Tuesday 6/7 Beth Helfter, EvaPaige Quilt Designs
Wednesday 6/8 Sandi Blackwell, Stitched Buy
Thursday 6/9 Sue & Elizabeth, PG Fiber2Art
Friday 6/10 Penni Domikis, Cabin In The Woods
Saturday 6/11 Joanne Hillestad, Fat Quarter Gypsy
Sunday 6/12 Terri Sontra, Purple Moose Designs – Wrap-up, grand prize winner selected

Blast Off – Joanne Hillestad, Fat Quarter Gypsy

Saturday, June 11th, 2016

Today’s guest blog hopper is Joanne Hillestad of the Fat Quarter Gypsy. Joanne is the creator of the ever popular Pop-Up. If you don’t know what that is, you really need to get out more often. It has been one of the hottest patterns for the last year and a half. The original pop-ups can be made in several sizes and refill wire forms are available in all sizes. This year Joanne added Basket Pop-Ups and Pet Pop-Ups. All of them are super easy to create and make super gifts. I can personally attest to the huge fun factor in smooshing them while bored during the quiet times at a quilt show…

FQG122 Stacking Pop Up Pattern FQG129 Basket Pop-Up Pattern Image 1

Joanne has also teamed up with several quilt designers for some custom Pop-Ups and the patterns are available for free. You still need the original pattern, these just tell you how to do the custom part. You can see them all here.

Joanne’s life does not revolve solely around Pop-Ups (although she may disagree on some days…) She also has numerous quilt patterns and makes the greatest door knob signs. Joanne is also an avid gardener, chicken rancher and glamper queen.

FQG303 Knobie Talk Door Hanger-DNEWO Fabric

You can visit Joanne’s blog to see what she’s got going on. Be sure and leave a comment for a chance at her giveaway. You can also find her at these social media locations:

Grand Prize Comment:  Before you head over to Joanne’s leave a comment here to be entered for a chance at the grand prize by answering this question…

Joanne has chickens for pets and loves them dearly. She did confess that she doesn’t even really like eggs all that much – she just likes chickens! Tell us about your pet. Do you have the “normal” version or something exotic?

Blast Off – Cabin In The Woods Quilters

Friday, June 10th, 2016

Today’s guest blog hopper is Penni Domikis of Cabin In The Woods Quilters. Penni is a pattern designer, author, longarmer and Terial Magic Queen. Terial Magic is a liquid fabric stabilizer. I have some on order and can’t wait to put it through the paces to learn all about it…and then pass that onto you!

At some point in the past Penni had trouble making the available plastic templates work for her patterns. She then did what any good entrepreneur does…made her own!

about us pic  

Penni has also written several books and does guild presentations around her scappy concept. She promises no pre-cutting and no pre-pressing. Yup, you read that right! Just grab your scraps and get to making something wonderful. That sounds like something I REALLY need to hear more about! Check out her website to learn more about her products. Schedule her to come to your guild to teach you her scrappy methods. Then invite me to come too. I’m a lazy quilter and her method sounds wonderful…


You can visit Penni’s blog to see what shes got going on. Be sure and leave a comment for a chance at her giveaway. You can also find her at these social media locations:

  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:  search cabinquilters
  • Website:

Grand Prize Comment:  Before you head over to Penni’s leave a comment here to be entered for a chance at the grand prize by answering this question…

Yes, Penni lives in a cabin in the woods. Yes, I live in the woods. Two rural quilters who live many states apart and yet we manage to find each other. The internet is a beautiful thing sometimes. What’s your favorite social media site? Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter…some other one I haven’t figured out yet?

Blast Off – PG Fiber2Art

Thursday, June 9th, 2016

Today’s guest blog hoppers are Susan Price and Elizabeth Gibson of PG Fiber2Art. I first met these two ladies last year at a business conference in Washington DC. They took one look at the hometown on my nametag and got all excited. Since I hail from a tiny town (population 744) where even folks in the area don’t know where we are, I got excited too. Turns out Elizabeth’s family has had a camp here since the 1930’s and it’s about a mile from my house! They are both in the education business by day (actually Susan is now retired! Lucky lady) so they spend summers here at the lake getting crafty. Due to my travels I was only able to spend a small amount of time with them last summer. I’m not traveling as much this summer so I hope to spend some more time with them. What do they do during their crafty summers? You name it, they probably do it! Last summer during my visit I tried my hand at screen printing, there were sun printed pieces laying around the yard catching some rays and I missed the indigo pot. They have more art supplies at their camp than I have ever seen in one place. It’s crafter heaven!

pgfiber2art 2015

Their “other job” (the fun one!) is PG Fiber2Art. They sell thermofax screens for your crafting pleasure and will even custom make them for you. They make the most beautiful challenge and art quilts that are often traveling the globe in exhibits. Take a look at previous posts on their blog and see if you don’t agree. Better yet, check out their Etsy shop, grab a couple of screens and get crafty yourself. There are also tips on how to take photos to make screens from, adventures in dyeing and LOTS of quilting eye candy from the various quilt shows they visit.


You can visit Susan & Elizabeth’s blog to see whats the happs over there. Be sure and leave a comment for a chance at their giveaway. You can also find them at these social media locations:

Grand Prize Comment:  Before you head over to PG Fiber2Art leave a comment here to be entered for a chance at the grand prize by answering this question…

What are your thoughts on art quilting? All for it? it’s not really quilting? Somewhere in the middle?

Blast Off – Sandi Blackwell, Stitched Buy

Wednesday, June 8th, 2016

Today’s guest blog hopper is Sandi Blackwell of Stitched Buy. Sandi is kept busy with her Craftsy classes, patterns, teaching and her stack of books. The most recent is pictured below. Sandi created the Square-agonals technique of making on-point quilts without all those pesky triangles. Simply sew squares and rectangles together, make a few well placed cuts, reassemble and…viola…on-point quilts. It’s pretty cool.

Sandi and I first met several years ago when she was doing bus trips and we made special arrangements for her guests at a quilt show where I was vending. Her guests got the star treatment in our booth and I got a great way to get folks into my booth, usually one of their first stops. It has worked wonderfully many times over the years. Big thank you to Sandi for helping me to create a great marketing strategy!

I had a chance to sit down with Sandi on my recent trip to Salt Lake City and catch up. Did we get a photo? No. But here we are in 2013 sneaking in some chit-chat amongst the crowds. We both had longer hair back then!

Sandi will also be the guest teacher for our April 2017 retreat. We’ll be together for a weekend…think we can manage to get a photo? Time will tell…

You can visit Sandi’s blog to see what she has going on and leave a comment for a chance at her giveaway today. You can also find her at these social media locations:

Facebook –
Pinterest –

Craftsy – Sandi Blackwell
Website – Stitched Buy

Grand Prize Comment:  Before you head over to Sandi’s leave a comment here to be entered for a chance at the grand prize by answering this question…

What’s for dinner tonight? I’m always looking for something healthy, tasty and (above all else) easy to prepare! Include instructions or a recipe for an extra entry for the grand prize drawing!

Blast Off – Beth Helfter, EvaPaige Quilt Designs

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

Today’s guest blog hopper is Beth Helfter of EvaPaige Quilt Designs. I have known Beth for many years and I could tell you all of her deep, dark secrets but we’ll save that for another post! Beth is a fabulous quilt designer and blogger extraordinaire. She is a frequent contributor to the Quiltmaker’s 100 blocks, has been featured in numerous publications and was a 2014 Quiltmaker Scrap Squad member. Her blog, Quilting Hottie Haven, is a must stop for any quilter who likes to laugh and learn a thing or two along the way. Underneath all that fabric, aren’t we all Quilting Hotties? Yes, we are! Here is one of Beth’s newest patterns Vinnie Loves Maude which is her scrappy mash-up of vintage and modern design.

Vinnie Loves Maude

Beth’s patterns are always well thought out, have great illustrations and clear instructions. There is still only so much information we can pack into a pattern though. Being the generous person she is, Beth is currently running a quilt-along for the above pattern so she can share all the extra tips and tricks that couldn’t fit into the pattern. The results of the participants will be no less than stunning! And we can’t forget to mention her group exchange every fall that raises money for her pet charity, Ovarian Cancer. I’ve participated several times and have met some awesome quilters. If you’re not too exhausted from all that Beth accomplishes you should know she also has two teenage daughters and one preteen daughter as well as Mr. Hottie to keep her on her toes. Sigh…I need a nap…

Here’s a little throw-back Thursday (on Tuesday…) for you. We (and the rest of our New England Quilt Designers Cooperative members) were featured in the April/May 2011 issue of The Quilter Magazine. I’m seated on the left and Beth is on the right. Clearly I was having a bad hair day (which is most days…) and “gasp!!!” am I wearing a skirt? I didn’t know I owned a skirt!

NEQDC 2011

Beth’s quilting motto is “Perfection is overrated” and she will be happy to come and visit your guild and tell you how to achieve “perfection light” in your quilting life too. No really, please call and schedule her today…she needs a break from those teens/preteens! You can visit Beth’s blog to see what she has going on and leave a comment for a chance at her giveaway today. You can also find her at these social media locations:


Facebook Community –
Instagram – @evapaigequilts
Website –

Grand Prize Comment:  Before you head over to Beth’s leave a comment here to be entered for a chance at the grand prize by answering this question…

In Beth’s lectures and workshops she aims to lessen your perfectionist nature and keep you as far away from your seam ripper as possible. So…spill it…are you a perfectionist or do you go with the flow?

Blast Off – Elaine Perez, Summercrafter

Monday, June 6th, 2016

Today’s guest blog hopper is Elaine Perez of Summercrafter. Elaine is a former teacher and school librarian. She would spend her summers off doing all sorts of crafts (hence the name of her business!) Elaine hails from the sunny state of Florida which is evident in her patterns. She uses lots of beachy colors and there is often an ocean theme. I just love this seahorse one. I was lucky enough to have this actual quilt in my possession for a time last summer and it’s even nicer looking in person!

Watercolor Sea Horses-OUT OF STOCK

Elaine’s motto is “Craft. Quilt. Unwind. Because making something pretty is like a mini vacation.” You can’t argue with that logic! You can visit Elaine’s blog to see what she has going on and leave a comment for a chance at her giveaway today. You can also find her at these social media locations: (Never ever on there only send from Instagram)

Grand Prize Comment:  Before you head over to Elaine’s leave a comment here to be entered for a chance at the grand prize by answering this question…

I am a die-hard country girl. I really enjoy visiting a large city but I’m always happiest here in my little corner of the woods. Elaine does her thing in the vibrant and cultured city of Miami. What about you? Are you a country or city person?


Blast Off – Tammy Silvers, Tamarinis

Sunday, June 5th, 2016

Today’s guest blog hopper is Tammy Silvers of Tamarinis. Tammy is a southern gal with the charm and spunk that goes with that…and the cute accent. I always feel self conscious when I talk with Tammy in person. When I was a small child we lived in Alabama and I had a very heavy southern accent. It’s all gone now until I’m with someone who has one and then it starts to sneak back in. I always think southerners must wonder if I’m making fun of them. It’s just my past coming back to haunt me! Anyhoo…Tammy is an ambassador for Island Batiks, Craftsy instructor and a quilt designer extraordinaire. Here is one of her patterns that is my favorite!

Winter Woods

As you can see, Tammy tends to be bold and modern but this quilt doesn’t show her colorful side. She’s big on color. Tammy has a regular 9-5 job but that doesn’t stop her from designing, teaching and finding new ways to get her colorful message out to quilters everywhere. You can visit Tammy’s blog to see what she has going on and leave a comment for a shot at her giveaway today. You can also find her at these social media locations:

website –

Facebook –

IG- tamarinis

Pinterest- tamarinis

Twitter- @tamarinis

Grand Prize Comment:  Before you head over to Tammy’s leave a comment here to be entered for a chance at the grand prize by answering this question…

I am very jealous of Tammy’s hair…not that I’ve ever dreamed of knocking her down, cutting it all off and making a wig for myself kind of jealous…ahem…no really, I haven’t…but hers is long, thick and a beautiful blond…everything mine is not or ever will be. What do you love/hate about your hair?

Blast Off – Susan Emory, Swirly Girls Design

Saturday, June 4th, 2016

Today’s guest blog hopper is Susan Emory of Swirly Girls Design. Susan is a licensed designer for Michael Miller Fabrics as well as a quilt designer, quilter, artist, teacher and all-around crafter. She is often teaching on cruises and galavanting around the globe. Her newest fabric line is called Summer Lovin’ and was just introduced to quilt shops at the recent Spring Quilt Market (where all the shops go shopping!) so you should see it in a shop near you sometime this summer. I was lucky enough to score some fat quarters so I can pet it all I want until it hits the shops and I can get more…

Summer Lovin

Big, bright and so much fun! Susan also has an Aurifil thread collection that would be perfect with this fabric line. Head on over to Susan’s blog to see what she’s up to and leave a comment for her prize. You can also reach her at these other social media sites:

IG: swirlygirlsdesign

Ello: @SusanEmory

Twitter: @Swirly_World

Periscope: @SusanEmory

Grand Prize Comment:  Before you head over to Susan’s leave a comment here to be entered for a chance at the grand prize by answering this question…

It is 2016. We have put a man on the moon. Why can’t they ….. (fill in the blank)

I Made A Little Lovely!

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

I am so excited to be a guest designer this month for Susan Emory of  Swirly Girl Design. Each month Susan asks someone to create a block for her Little Lovely project. This month it’s me (squeal!) and here’s my block…

Little Lovely Louise

I named it Louise after my grandmother. It’s not all that difficult to construct, it’s just half square triangles. If you are afraid of them, not to worry. I walk you through the easy method of sew-big-and-trim-to-size.  I find this method is easiest for me because the units will all come out the perfect size.  No stretching of the bias edges or cutting odd 7/8″measurements.


After creating the block I discovered a cool secondary design. I am currently writing this from a hotel room with sketchy wifi and without my big computer, I really wish I could show you that here today…sigh…its first on my to-do list when I get home on Sunday. It’s a sad state of affairs when I can’t do what I want in the hotel…or should have done before I left home…


I’m back home and can now properly finish this post!!!

When I put several of the blocks together I saw some secondary designs. Here is what several blocks look like together:


Can you see the extra pinwheels? Here they are in orange:


There are some diamonds in there too. Here they are in yellow:


And if I change the half pinwheels on the edge to orange too…


We have now eliminated all the background color and added some yellow and orange. Isn’t it cool how some color changes make it a completely different quilt? Here is the block with all the background eliminated:


Head on over to Susan’s website so you can get the full instructions for the block. I will also be offering up a gift to a lucky quilter so when you’re over at Susan’s leave a comment and get your name in the running for the prize of a 6.5″ ruler, a seam guide and a couple of fun pins. You can also check out the other Little Lovelies too, there’s some great patterns!


Thank you for letting me guest design for you Susan. If I ever get the chance to collaborate with you again I promise to follow the rules and not be so lame…