Want to name a quilt pattern?

Naming patterns is not always an easy task. Sometimes I know the name before the pattern has fully become clear. Other times (like now…) I struggle with it.

I have two new pre-cut, pre-fused kits that will be making their debut next week at Pinwheels & Friends quilt show in Sturbridge MA. All the cutting is done, fusing is done, instructions are almost done…all they need are names! Leave a comment with your name suggestions. If I end up using the one you suggest then you will receive a complete kit of that runner.



First up is this table runner with a rooster and hen and all their eggs on a barn red background. I don’t want to use the word basket in the name since there is no basket on the runner. One of the ladies in my guild suggested Laying Around which is growing on me…



Second we have this table runner with a couple of clusters of grapes. I’m drawing a complete blank on this one… I don’t really want to have a “wine” name since they’re just grapes, not wine. Unless it could somehow be a “pre-wine” name…sigh…still nothing comes to me…


Can ya help a gal out? Leave a comment with your thoughts and suggestions.


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