Ugly Fabric Challenge – Reveal

A while back I told you of the ugly fabric challenge that my quild did. I already showed you what I received that was made from my ugly fabric. The person I was making something for, Wendy, and I have been taking turns missing meetings until today. I will finally get to show her what I made from her ugly fabric. Hopefully she won’t see this post before our meeting!

Just to give you a reminder, here is the fabric that Wendy chose as her ugly. I debated what to do with it at first because it looked totally different in different light. At times it looked red/white/blue and other lighting purple/teal. Quite by chance on the day we exchanged uglies, Wendy had given me some beads and yarns that she didn’t want anymore. They were all turquoise and teal. That settled it – I was going purple and teal. Here is what I made…

…a cute tote. I fussy cut some of the repeating elements in her fabric to make some flowers. I added a large chunk of the fabric as the bottom. I even incorporated some of the beads and yarns that she gave me. Here is a close-up of the flowers.

The tote is all lined and stands up nicely on it’s own. It has a velcro closure, long shoulder strap, 3D leaves and box bottom. I’m happy with the way it turned out. Hope Wendy likes it too!

3 thoughts on “Ugly Fabric Challenge – Reveal”

  1. Wendy Dillingham

    I was the very lucky recipient of Terri\’s creativity and I LOVE my new tote bag! I am a firm believer that one can\’t have too many tote bags! Fussy cutting shapes out of that paisley fabric would never have occurred to me and I am still in awe of the way Terri used it! I will enjoy carrying this bag for many years to come! THANKS TERRI! Wendy

  2. The tote is lovely with the flowers. Using the dark fabric on the bottom is also colorful plus practical. Totes are so handy to have for extra things. Mine was a gift from my grand daughter returning from Hawaii.

    I\’ve not made one yet, but I have two for pot luck foods. One holds a tray and the other a larger casserole. Both are quilted & have carry handles.

    I use food store totes as they fold up well, but it would nice to applique over the store logo. If kept in the trunk, they are quickly available.

    We have been cautioned not to leave packages visible in our cars, because so many break into parked cars.

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