The perfect quilter gift

Do you have a quilter on your gift list that you just can’t think of the perfect gift for? Are you a quilter and no one seems to get YOU the perfect gift? We have the answers to both questions! These tool organizers can be gifted empty, full or somewhere in between.

Bobbin Workstation

The Bobbin Workstation is perfect to keep all your “stuff” organized and all in one place. It will hold your bobbins securely in place and has 5 round spots for pencils, seam ripper, small scissors, etc. There is also a long slot for larger items, needle packs, etc. and a spot for a small tape measure. It can be used with or without the Clover magnetic pin caddy. The workstation is $4.95 and you can find it here Purple Moose – workstation the pin caddy comes in three colors and can be found here http://Purple Moose – Pin Caddy

Sewing Case

The sewing case is perfect for the on-the-go quilter. It measures approximately 6.5″ X 9″ when closed. It has nine elastic bands to hold your items and has a zipper to secure everything during transport. It is gray on the inside and royal blue on the outside. Case comes empty. It sells for $5.49 and can be found here http://Purple Moose – Sewing Case

Tool Caddy

The big sister to the sewing case is the tool caddy. This is perfect for the quilter who takes lots of classes or goes on retreats. It measures approximately 15.5″ X 11″.

It has velcro straps on the sides to allow it to stand next to your work area and have all your tools handy. There is a handle on the top for easy carting around.

One side has one large area with eight slots for large items (rotary cutters, small rulers, seam rippers, etc). There is a cover with velcro to secure everything during transport.

The other side has three rows of storage areas. The top two are secured by covers with velcro. The bottom row has elastic/mesh pockets for bulky items.

Case is black and comes empty. It goes for $23.95 and can be found here http://Purple Moose – Tool Caddy


Tomorrows post…what to fill them with!



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