The Perfect Quilter Gift, part 2

Yesterday we told you about our favorite tool holders. Today is all about the perfect tools to fill those holders. We all know the sayings “you get what you pay for” and “use the best tool for the job”. Both of those sayings hold true for quilters. There are soooo many tools and gadgets out there and they’re not all worth the money. At Purple Moose we only sell tools and gadgets that we have played with (sometimes extensively!) and we are comfortable recommending to our customers. We strongly encourage everyone to buy the best tools they can afford. After all, if the tools are making your quilting job easier then you will have more fun. And fun is the ultimate goal in life…right? Here are some of our favorites…



OK, so maybe not the most glamorous tool in your arsenal but these are pretty cool. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what you can use them for around the house or as part of your beauty regimen but I find a pair of good tweezers an essential tool for sewing. I always keep a pair next to my machine to help pull up the bottom thread, help pick out stitches (not that any of us has much practice there…) and to poke and prod stubborn intersections and for turning fabric. These little beauties are about 3.75″ in length overall. They have an angled point and are very lightweight. The colored grip area is a soft plastic and is a little wider for better grip. They come in several colors but we have no control over what colors they send us. You can request a particular color. If we have it we will be happy to send that color to you, otherwise we’ll substitute another color. They sell for $3.85 and you can find them here http://Purple Moose – tweezers

Seam Ripper Stiletto

Seam Ripper & Stiletto

Yes, you can find cheaper versions of these tools but these are so worth the extra money. My seam ripper is about 16 years old. It is not nice and shiny anymore but it is still very sharp and works like a champ. Not that I ever use it… Both the seam ripper and stiletto have very fine, sharp points. This makes the ripper easy to get under the individual threads. When I use a cheap version I feel like I’m cramming a 2X4 under the stitches! They are made of brass which gives them a nice weight. They are about 3.75″ long when closed, 5″ when opened. The cover attaches to become the handle when using them. If you have never used a stiletto before, please start right away. It has a sharp point which can act as extra fingers next to the sewing machine needle, they poke and prod when needed and are indispensable once you start using one. If you have ever sewn your finger (or come close) then you know the value of a stiletto! The seam ripper is $17.99 and can be found here Purple Moose – Seam Ripper and the stiletto is $14.39 and can be found here Purple Moose – Stiletto

Magnetic Wand

Magnetic Wand

Measures about 6.5″ when closed and extends to approximately 25″. It is very strong (we’ve picked up cans of veggies!) and will pull pins from near and far. If pins and needles skitter under the furniture simply wave the wand under there and it will find them. Dumped them all onto the floor? No problem. Handle has a colored rubber covering and it includes a pen clip. Wand comes in red, blue or black. You can request a color and we will do our best to oblige. We cannot order specific colors, we get what they give us.


If you have a man in the house, order two. He will steal it and take it to the garage to pick up greasy nuts and bolts…spoken from experience…

The wand is $5.89 and you can find them here Purple Moose – Magnetic Wand


We have many more notions and tools so have a look around the website. These are just a few of our favorites. Enjoy!

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