Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

We all have a comfort zone. That place where you know everything and nothing is weird or unusual. Well, I stepped outside that zone yesterday. I took Moosette and a friend to Comic Con in Boston. I now have an understanding of what non-quilters or novice quilters must experience at their first big quilt show.

For those of you who don’t know what Comic Con is…it is a convention for anyone who is interested in movies (mostly Sci-Fi), computer games, anime, comic books and cartoons. Quite a number of the people dress up as their favorite character. Dressing up is called cosplay. Some of the costumes are very simple and some are very elaborate. If you are a people watcher (as I am) it was a fun day. Moosette and I have been working on her costume for months. She dressed up as a character from a computer game she plays. It’s based on Alice in Wonderland and she fights the evil characters from the story and is helped by the good characters. She uses several weapons but the one Moosette chose is the large pepper grinder.


For anyone that knows me, it should come as quite a shock that I made a dress. This was the beginning of my being outside my comfort zone! It has set-in sleeves (I cursed a lot), a zipper (I cursed some more) and a HUGE bow on the back with a skull in the middle. Yeah, try finding a tutorial for a HUGE bow with attached skull…it’s not out there… Moosette made an exact replica of the necklace that the character wears. We found the right tights and boots and we even made a large pepper grinder with some help from hubby. It was a true family affair. Moosette’s friend went as Tinkerbell. It was so cute watching little girls come up to her and ask to have their picture taken with her. I don’t know which of them was more excited. Moosette tried not to smile in a lot of the photos, she said she was trying to stay in character…

comicon10 comicon5 comicon3

We saw characters from games, tv shows, movies…

comicon7 comicon6 comicon8

We saw Balloon Lady, Princess Man and Sailor Dude…


We saw random battles break out…


This kid was so excited to battle someone else with a light saber…


Dr. Who was very popular. Guess I should look into that show to see what all the excitement was about!


We ended the day when Alice finally found her white rabbit! All in all, a wonderful adventure with two great young ladies. I encourage everyone to step outside your comfort zone now and again – whether in quilting or another pursuit.

So…what to do for cosplay next year…




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  1. I\’ve always thought that it would be fun to attend one of these events. Costumes are fun (but I\’ve never made clothes, so, that part would be hard).

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