Spicy Spiral class

So, how did I spend my Friday? Well, it all started Thursday evening with a phone call from a friend, Starr. She was supposed to teach a class on Friday but was under the weather and wanted to  know if I could cover for her. Of course! A quick run through with Starr on the particulars of the class (number of students, what handouts they already had, etc…), a frantic search for my sample of the table runner so I would have it in class. It was at the bottom of the last bin that holds all my samples…of course. Grab the rulers and patterns because I didn’t know what the shop, Sew Orchid Design in Norway ME, had on hand, set the alarm for O-Dark-Thirty (ugh…) and we’re all set.

I was very pleasantly surprised to find that two of the students have been guests at my retreat so it was like old home week. We were a small but mighty group and almost everyone completed their tops. One of the ladies had to leave early and I failed to take her photo with what she had done. My apologies Georgia.

Here is what Edna completed…


Here is what Karla completed…


Here is what Heidi completed…


Great job ladies and I look forward to teaching you again in the future…hopefully not because of illness though. Get better Starr!

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