Country Village Quilters Guild - January 18, 2017

Town Community Room, Moultonborough, NH (Purse class)

Fabric Extravaganza - February 16-18, 2017

Holiday Inn, Nashua NH (Bargain Hunters Sale!)

MQX Quilt Festival April 5-8, 2017

Center Of NH-Radisson Hotel, Manchester NH (quilt show)

 Quilter's Getaway Weekend - April 22, 2017

Silver Fox Inn, Waterville Valley, NH (retreat)

Northern Lights Quilt Guild - May 10, 2017

Lebanon United Methodist Church, Lebanon NH (guild presentation - Every Quilt Tells A Story)

Spring Quilt Market - May 18-21, 2017 - Booth #2942

America's Center, St. Louis, MO (wholesale trade show)

Cheshire Quilter's Guild - June 14, 2017

Keene Rec Center, Keene NH (guild presentation - History of the Sewing Machine)

Maine Quilts- July 26-29, 2017

Augusta Civic Center, Augusta, ME (quilt show) 

We will have a guest celebrity in our booth! - Penni Domikis from Cabin In The Woods Quilters

Treadle Gathering & Academy - August 12, 2017

Cotton Cupboard, Bangor, ME (treadles, hand cranks & more!)

Bennington Quiltfest - September 16-17, 2017

Mount Anthony Union Middle School, Bennington VT (quilt show) 

Meet The Teacher - October 2, 2017

New England Quilt Museum, Lowell, MA

Quilters R&R with Karen Kay BuckleyQuilt Camp - Oct 6-9, 2017

Snowy Owl Inn, Waterville Valley, NH (retreat)

Quilter's Getaway Weekend - Oct 7 & 14, 2017

Silver Fox Inn, Waterville Valley, NH (retreat) 

Hudson River Piecemakers Quilt Guild - Oct 21, 2017 (guild - Gadgets, Gizmos & Tidbits)

Lake Luzerne Municipal Bldg., Lake Luzerne, NY

Joyful Quilter - Oct 22, 2017 (class)

The Joyful Quilter, Glenville NY "Free Kisses" class 

Quiet Valley Quilt Guild - Nov 1, 2017 (guild - Gadget, Gizmos & Tidbits)

Congregational Church, Bennington VT 

Quiet Valley Quilt Guild - Nov 2, 2017 (guild workshop - Garden's Gate)

Congregational Church, Bennington VT  



Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sewing Needles (but were too afraid to ask)

Since I sell needles I get lots of questions about them. This has led me to a universal truth - needles are something that every quilter uses and yet there are so many things we don't know about them. What's with all the different kinds? Why so many different sizes? Do I need all those differences? If so, when and why?

Let me take you on a laugh filled journey to find all the answers.

This presentation lasts about an hour (including a hefty question and answer period) but can be slightly stretched or shortened to accomodate your time frame.

The History Of The Sewing Machine - A Tale Of Intrigue & Espionage

Not your ordinary history lesson! We will take a look at the more humorous and salacious bits of the past that brought our beloved machines to us today. This program is a PowerPoint presentation along with antique machines and other sewing items from my personal collection for folks to look at and play with. And, don't worry, there's no test at the end!

This presentation lasts about one hour but can be slightly stretched or shortened to accommodate your time frame. The kind and type of vintage sewing machines and paraphernalia will vary but there will always be something for folks to play with.

Due to the heavy machinery I cart along, this presentation is limited to my driving endurance from northern New England. Sorry California...

Every Quilt Tells A Story


A trunk show of my quilts from the early days to current times. I'll share stories of lessons learned (mistakes?), why I chose the design or fabrics that I did and the personal meanings behind some of my quilts. I'll show you my first quilt ( public?)  as well as my latest. I hope this lighthearted romp will inspire others to look behind the fabrics of their own quilts...because every quilt tells a story...


Gadgets, Gizmos & Tidbits

What could be more fun than demos of the coolest gadgets, spotlight on the newest gizmo and tips & tricks sprinkled throughout? Program continually changes so no two are ever the same. Your version will be totally unique for your guild! Absolutely no hard-sell, just plain fun and laughter and some learning thrown in for good measure.

The perfect program for the budget concious guild or anyone looking for something a little different. There is a speaking fee of $50 plus travel.

Retreat Vending

Hosting a retreat? We can offer your guests a unique shopping experience along with demos, games and lots of fun. Best of all? There's no fee!

How it works: We show up at a designated time to set-up. We have found it works well when the guests are away at lunch or dinner. When they return, we start off with a game (and prizes!), demos and an hour or so for folks to shop at their leisure. Then we pack up and let your guests enjoy the rest of their retreat.

There is no cost or fee at all. You simply need to have a spot available for us to set-up and let everyone know when the fun will begin.


Why not add on a workshop for the total Purple Moose experience!

Pre-cut, Pre-fused classes:

We have several of these projects to choose from, some are pictured here. All are very quick to put together with most being completed, yes COMPLETED! during class. Fees include pre-cut items. Students provide their own background fabrics.

Class length is 4 hours. Workshop fee is $175 plus $15-20 supplies/pattern fee per student (depending on project chosen)

Mama Loon & Babies Kit Moonlight Stroll Cat's Meow 


Countdown To Christmas:

Super easy advent calendar for the Christmas season. Little pockets hold trinkets that can be added to the tree each day to countdown to Christmas. Or put a candy in each pocket and just enjoy your tree. Tree is fused down. Pockets will have fused numbers added but students can also machine embroider them at home later.

Class length is 6 hours (plus lunch break). Workshop fee is $250 plus $10 pattern fee per student.

Countdown To Christmas

Sunrise At The Cabin:

This pattern is a great scrap buster! A center medallion that is paper pieced, surrounded by traditionally pieced log cabin blocks. Pattern offers sizes from lap to king. During class we will work on the center medallion and start the log cabins. Students may choose whichever size they want to make.

Class length is 6 hours (plus lunch break). Workshop fee is $250 plus $9 pattern fee per student.

Sunrise At The Cabin


This wall hanging (or kids quilt!) is a great exercise in fabric play. What secrets will your fabric reveal? It appears that you are looking at the fabric through a magnifying glass. Any fabric will do but you can really accentuate the magnified effect if you choose fabrics that have both small and large elements and then fussy cut the required pieces. Extensive tips and photos on selecting fabrics are included in the pattern and will be expanded upon during class. The blocks are simple to construct. The only tricks are; fabric selection and a very consistent seam allowance.

Class length is 6 hours (plus lunch break). Workshop fee is $250 plus $9 pattern fee per student.


Fish Frenzy:

This lap quilt goes together very quickly. It would be perfect for the guys in your life or anyone who enjoys fish or fishing. I don't know which is more fun - picking fabrics that look "fishy" or getting the whole thing done in record time!

Class length is 6 hours (plus lunch break). Workshop fee is $250 plus $9 pattern fee per student.

Fish Frenzy


This contemporary piece offers a chance to play with colors. How will it change depending on where you place your chosen colors? It also offers large areas for some fabulous quilting. If you've never tried modern quilts before then this is a perfect starter piece to step outside your comfort zone.

Class length is 6 hours (plus lunch break). Workshop fee is $250 plus $9 pattern fee per student.

Cityscape pattern


Sandy Toes:

Everyone can cut out their own flip-flops or we can provide pre-cut, pre-fused starters. The fun is in the embellishments...artificial flowers, buttons,'s lots of fun!

Class length is 4 hours. Workshop fee is $175 plus $10 pattern fee per student. If we provide pre-cuts then pattern fee is $25 per student.

Sandy Toes Starter Kit

Chocolate Truffle Scarf:

No two scarves are the same - each is a work of art. You will be the envy of all your friends! Nothing says decadent treat like a chocolate truffle. This scarf will be a decadent treat for your wardrobe. So simple to make with minimal supplies - even use up all those bits and pieces of trims leftover from previous projects. Scarf is made completely with your sewing machine. Class kit includes pattern, stabilizer and you also get to dive into the mountain of fibers that I bring. Students may also add their own fibers if they choose.

Class length is 4 hours. Workshop fee is $175 plus $25 supplies/pattern fee per student.

Chocolate Truffle Scarf