Sassy Scarf

Check out our newest item…Sassy Ribbon by Red Heart

Sassy Ribbon

OK, the package says Sassy Fabric but it’s really a ribbon. What can you do with it you ask? Make a scarf!

Sassy Ribbon

It could not be any easier. You can even do it while watching tv! Each skein of ribbon has 30 yards and works up to a scarf about 7′ long. Don’t want one that long? Then you don’t have to use the whole thing. All you need is a crochet hook, size J…or something close (size is not critical) and about an hour of your time.


The ribbon is about 2.5″ wide and is scalloped on one side and has evenly spaced holes on the other side.


Slide your hook from back to front through the first hole, back to front through the second hole, then third, fourth and fifth hole – back to front each time. Pick up the sixth hole and draw it through the first five holes on the hook.


You are now left with a single hole on the hook. Continue on, adding five holes back to front and sliding the sixth hole through until you reach the end or the desired length. When you reach the end use the last few holes to go back and tie off on the portion already hooked together to secure the end. That’s it, you’re all done. The scarf will twist and turn on it’s own as you go. Wasn’t that simple? It comes in a variety of colors and we only have a limited quantity so hurry on in to get yours! Sassy Ribbon

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