Retreats are so much fun!

I had the pleasure of participating in Patty Sawyer’s Guinea Pig Retreat this weekend. What a blast.  In addition to Patty’s judging and longarming businesses, she operates a retreat venue for small groups. She asked a few of us to come on up and be her guinea pigs to get everything opened up and running. OK, I confess, she and her hubby had everything opened up from winter, we just had to make sure everything was running. It’s a tough job…here was the view from the back deck. Some of the bulbs were just starting to pop up too.

IMG_1636  IMG_1644

Patty fed us more food than a quilter has a right to eat in one weekend. Here is the ice cream sundae spread we had after dinner on Saturday. We also invented a signature cocktail, just for Patty. We named it the Guinea Pig. If you’re lucky, maybe she’ll serve you one! If her hubby offers to make pancakes, just say yes. You can thank me later.


Patty also took us on a mini shop hop to visit a few local haunts. My favorite was Oxford Mill End Store in Oxford ME. Here’s a shot of Patty and the owner Cathy Corbett acting all business like. I also backed up a bit so you can see we gave them the full paparazzi experience. Yes, we all bought stuff…sigh…more stash…

IMG_1633  IMG_1634

If you are looking for a spot to hang out with a few of your quilting buddies, this is the place. It can hold up to 8 people. The scenery is devine, the food is plentiful (and then some) and the hostess is the mostest. You can get Patty’s contact info at

Don’t delay though. I have a feeling she will have a fully booked schedule really quickly! Then you and your crew can be all relaxed and smiley just like us Guinea Pigs (Terri Sontra, Jill Mott, Judy Damon and Linda Pearl)


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