Retreat FAQ  -  updated 11-1-16

** Your retreats fill up so fast. How can I get in? For many of our instructors we have to secure them 2-3 years in advance. Once we have an instructor we start taking names for the pre-registration list. It costs nothing to be on that list, just add your name and email. Once prices and class info are determined then that list gets first crack at securing a spot in the class. If there are spaces left then it goes to our newsletter folks. Finally it is offered to the general public.

** I've paid my deposit money, now what? Once you have been registered you will be invited to join our private online chat group. This makes it really easy for me to update you quickly and give you any needed information such as supply list, games, block swaps, etc. You can also get to know some of your other classmates.

** I would like to go but don't want to pay for a single room and have no one to share a room with. Can I still go? If you would like to have a roomie but don't have a friend that can join you, we will do our best to hook you up with someone else in the same situation.

** Do I have to lug my machine on the airplane? If you are flying in and would prefer to not bring your machine (or you're driving and just want to try a new one!) no worries. Machines are available for rent from Bittersweet Fabric Shop for a nominal fee. We make the arrangements for you.

** Will there be time to work on my own projects? We do have a guest teacher but the class is only one day. The rest of the time is free-sew to work on whatever you want. If you prefer to not do the class, that's just fine. More teacher time for the rest of us!

**So many of your retreats sound fun, how do I choose which to attend? Well...I say don't choose, attend them all! If you attend any two or more of our retreats in any calendar year then you get $75 off each one. Is that cool or what?

What others have to say about our retreats...

What was your favorite part of the weekend?

*Sewing & fellowship, great location and timing. Nan M. Ft. Worth, TX

*Sewing with everyone. Games too! Sue B. Moultonborough NH

*Great people, fabulous location, staff was great too! Denise H. Santa Clara CA

*I liked doing the games. It was different and laughing was really great. Amy H. Bridgewater, MA

What was your least favorite part of the weekend?

*Having to leave! Merlene T. Deering NH

*Having to sleep at some point each night Retta B., Ashland, NH

*Not being able to stay awake all night. Jane FC, Lewiston, ME

*My roommate's snoring! Anne C., Gilford, NH

How was the food?

*Fine, especially like taco lunch, fresh fruits in the am, soups, yada, yada, and those wonderful fresh made still warm donuts during our lunch! LB, New Hampshire

*Good, better than (named another place I won't print!) Marcia N. Wolfeboro NH

How was your room at the Inn?

*Wonderful and very comfy. Starr M. Center Conway, NH

*Very good, clean & well appointed Terry S. Eagle Point OR

How was the quilting room?

*Excellent-great to have space to spread out, lots of irons & cutting surfaces, ice water, snacks/candy/chocolate and super lighting. Kelly B. Dunedin, FL