Purrfect Spots

Did ya see my guest blog? Check it out… http://purrfectspots.blogspot.com/2014/03/welcome-my-guest-blogger-terri-sontra.html

Thank you, thank you to Nan Baker at Purrfect Spots for having me as a guest blogger. It was fun. Nan and I first “met” in an online class that we both took to figure out Facebook. We stayed neck and neck building our “likes” numbers but she has pulled ahead recently. Not that it’s a competition…or that anyone is keeping track…or that she’s more popular than me (sniff..)

It has been fun watching our businesses grow along side each other since then. Nan is a talented quilt designer who has a passion for our four-footed friends. I look forward to doing things with Nan again in the future. Maybe I’ll even get to meet her in person one of these days!

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