How Not To Make A Prize Winning Quilt


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How Not To Make A Prize Winning Quilt

by Ami Simms

47 pgs, this book is out of print. When these are gone, they’re gone!

Ami tells all in this hilarious tongue-in-cheek guide to quilting disaster. You won’t feel intimidated by “perfect” quilts any more – not after you se how this expert quilter began. Ami confesses to having made every mistake you can think of and then some, proving there’s hope for us all.

Off the wall chapters include:

Don’t worry, it’ll quilt out

If nothing falls off you’re doing ok

If it doesn’t fit, pull on it or cut it off

Don’t mark quilting lines with food

When bad binding happens to good people

If you can’t applique, paint

People with big chests shouldn’t quilt in small cars

If you want warmth, buy an electric blanket

Don’t add seam allowance more than once

Only sissies machine quilt

After 53 quilts you can still make a dog

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