Out With The Old…In With The New

Out With The Old…

It’s a sad day for lovers of Seralene thread. Mettler has decided to no longer make this wonderful thread. All the spools I have in stock are all I’m going to get – ‘taint no mo! It has been marked down to $4.95 per spool (from $6.95). There is still a decent amount of white, off-white and black but the colors are getting to be slim pickens. Get it while ya still can. You can find it here, in the Seralene Thread section.

In With The New…


I have gotten so many requests the last few months for small rotary rulers. Never being one to want to dissappoint the masses – we now have a full selection of Omnigrip/Omnigrid rulers in stock. 2.5″, 3.5″, 5″, 5.5″, 6″ & 6.5″. You can find them here in our Rotary Supplies section.



Perfect Ovals, Perfect Circles, Perfect Bigger Circles & Perfect Stems. These templates are easy and fun to use. For the circles and ovals – simply trace the desired size, do a quick running stitch around, iron, remove the heat resistant template and VIOLA! Perfection. For the stems – simply place the template inside the fold of your fabric, stitch with your machine, trim, iron and VIOLA! Perfection.

You can find them here, in the Notions section. What would you do with a pile of ovals and circles? Flowers? Something else? Let’s hear it!


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