Needle Storage

We all know that we should use different needles for different sewing tasks. (blatant commercial…if you don’t know this then you should have your guild let me stop in and tell you all about why…I love to travel…end of commercial). How do you store those needles in between uses? You don’t really want to put them back into their original containers because then you can’t tell which ones are new and which ones are used…and which needle is currently in the machine anyway???? Are these the questions that keep you awake at night? If so, you really need to get some fabric fondling therapy…but we can offer a solution in the meantime.


We have a new product available called My Pad. It’s a foam pad imprinted with the various styles and sizes of needles. Every needle has a spot. There is even a flowerhead pin to mark which needle is currently in the machine. This pad is made in the USA and measures approximately 6.75″ square. The suggested retail price is $11.98 but our price is only $10.29. It can be found here, in the Needle Accessories section.


Is this too pricey for you? Do you prefer the DIY approach to such matters? How about this needle storage solution then…


Take an ordinary tomato pincushion (new or used, doesn’t matter) and label the green leaves with the variety of needles you use. Write the size of needles you use down each section. I would suggest using a permanent pen for this. Insert a flowerhead or fancy pin to mark which needle is in the machine. Viola – customized needle storage at it’s finest! We can supply you with tomato pincushions if you’re lacking…they’re just $1.39 and can be found here in the Needle Accessories section.


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