Need Glasses?

Just wanted to share a testimonial. I have no affiliation with this company aside from being a very happy customer.

I wear glasses. The older I get, the stronger they get…sigh… I have always been a good girl and bought my glasses from the eye doctor. Silly me. Our insurance guy recently told us about the company that he gets his glasses from online. Hubby and I were dubious but we forged ahead. Normally we spend $400-$500 a pair at the eye doctor thanks to all the extras we need (progressive, bi-focal, tri-focal…sigh…) This high cost left me with the pair of glasses that I wore every day and no backups. I was envious whenever I saw someone with a wild color or funky glasses.

So I decided that the pair I ordered would be my backup pair and I would choose a funky color. I was sure they couldn’t get the prescription right and didn’t have much faith. How wrong I was – I LOVE my new glasses. They are now my everyday glasses.

glasses  glasses2

They even have Purple Moose emblazened on the side. How cool is that? The best part is hubby and I each got a pair (with all the “extras”) and it only cost about $140 total, for two pair. This included a special they were running at the time. They have all green glasses on sale this month…I’m thinking I need a lime green pair.

So if you wear glasses I highly recommend you check out Zenni Optical at , you won’t be disappointed. You can even upload a head shot of yourself and “try on” the glasses on your own face. It’s pretty cool.  Have fun! And yes, the temperature is in the negatives today and I’m wearing my furry hat.

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