Moving Tips For Quilters

Are you a quilter with a move in your future? Me too! Let me share some tips to make that move easier!

Many years ago when I moved from California to New Hampshire I had a serious problem. I knew if my hubby saw 20 boxes all labeled “fabric” there would be trouble. I had to come up with a plan. Getting rid of my stash was not one of the options! While I was out cornering the market on boxes, moving blankets, tape, sharpies and all the other moving supplies it hit me…why was I going to buy (at a premium price mind you!) a stack of paper to wrap fragile items in when I had scads of fabric at home? I already owned it…and I wouldn’t have to label one single solitary box with the dreaded “fabric”! I was determined to make it work.

Here we are in the “pink” section…

I dutifully wrapped every dish, bowl, knick-knack and tchotchke. Not a single thing was damaged during the cross country move. Unwrapping all that stuff was actually kind of fun. Ooh, I like this fabric (unroll, unroll…) Ooh, I remember this cool thing! The only downside was a lot of smoothing, ironing and folding of fabric when all was said and done. But what quilter doesn’t appreciate a little fabric petting time??

One yard pieces are the perfect size for most items. Half yards are great for smaller items. Larger pieces can either be for larger items or padding around larger items. Don’t forget fabric makes great filler to keep all those treasures from banging around in the box too.

If you’re a scrap collector…they make great filler. Here is a partially filled jar of vintage buttons with scraps to keep them from clattering around.

And let’s not forget other items as well. Remember that over sized purple sweatshirt with the special sleeves that you are someday going to turn into one of those one-of-a-kind quilted jackets? Just slip in your treasured artwork, wrap the sleeves in a hug and chuck it in the box. All safe and cozy. You’ll get around to that quilted jacket someday…when they come back in style…

If you have a sizable fabric stash…don’t forget to place a piece on the top of the box before closing. This will ensure you have no leftover fabric…err…I mean it will make sure everything in the box stays in place. Yup, that’s what I meant.

Invest in a brand new sharpie and a tape dispenser. A real dispenser, not those cheap ones that come with 3 yards of tape attached to them. A real one that takes full size rolls of packing tape and has a nice sharp set of teeth to cut the tape. You’ll thank me later. Unless you get too friendly with the sharp teeth…

Have a labeling system in place too. I mark each side of the box with a letter (K=kitchen, L=living room, T=Terri…). That way, no matter how they get loaded on the truck you will always see the letter. On the top of the box I note the important items within that box. Once you get to your new place, put all the like boxes together. All the K boxes go in the kitchen, all L boxes go in the living room, all T boxes go in my studio, etc. (see the first photo)

If you come up with your own labeling system make sure to write it down somewhere so you don’t forget. No need for those 3 boxes labeled “feminine products” to end up in the wrong hands where it’s discovered that’s just code for fabric. Not that I’ve ever done that…

Before ya know it, you’ll be all done packing, and there won’t be a single box labeled “fabric”. I’m still packing for our current move to Colorado but I haven’t run out of fabric yet so it’s all good.

When we were planning out our plan of attack for this move hubby and I were trying to decide how many boxes to get when he turns to me (in all seriousness) and says “Do we have enough fabric for this move?” Ummm….yes dear, we’re all good!

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