Moose Musings – Jeans Shopping

Have I mentioned that I really don’t like shopping for jeans? There comes a time though when I must…like now. All my jeans are no longer fit for public display, only yard work and home maintenance. So off I go to the mall…

I’m a Mom, I just want a pair of Mom Jeans. I don’t think it’s a difficult request. My legs are too long for petite sizes and way too short for normal sizes so I have issues.

All those zippers on the abdomen (I’m looking at you J-Lo!) and the pizzazz on the behind? No thanks, I have enough going on in those areas and don’t need to call attention there.

Rips should happen after heavy usage, not at the time of purchase. And the acid wash on the thighs? Really? It looks like I have used my pants for napkins. Sheesh.

I won’t even start in on the disparity of sizes between brands, or the prices! I did manage to find two pairs. They are the same brand but two different sizes. The larger size is snug and the smaller size if roomy. I don’t understand. I thought a trip to the “unmentionables” department might lift my spirits. Oh Boy! Big mistake. My favorite skivvies were $10 each…ON SALE!! I might just have to go commando until I can save up…

So we’re having a fabric sale. 25% off all in stock fabric. Use the coupon code spring25 at checkout for your discount. It’s good until 5/11/18. Please buy fabric…Mama needs some skivvies…

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