Ladies Of The Lake 2016

Last weekend I was vending at the Ladies Of The Lake show in Wolfeboro NH. This was a whole 7 miles from home. Quite a treat considering how far and wide I usually travel! It was also a very tiny booth…what was I thinking? Remind me never to do that again. It was like putting 10 gallons of stuff in a 5 gallon bucket!


Sunflower by Winifred O’Shaughnessy. A very bright and happy quilt!IMG_2870

Hunter’s Star by Marilyn Ray, quilted by Kim Pilote. This pattern is on my to-do list. Love the colors and LOVE the outer border!IMG_2872

Hidden Butterflies by Debbie Sheldon quilted by Linda Bevins. Beautiful workmanship by both ladies!IMG_2874

Night Sky by Maria Wentworth quilted by The Attic Cat. I love this color palette.


Lapis and Jade by Barbara Nelson quilted by Footprints Quilt Shop. Two of my favorite gems together in one quilt!IMG_2880

Spring Flower Heart by Dawn Thurston quilted by Dick Castrucci. Dawn is a fellow guild member for me…she makes stuff like this all the time…we still love her… All kidding aside, she does fab-fab work.IMG_2883

One of the highlights of the show was when they announced the winner for Viewer’s Choice. The quilt happened to be hanging right in front of my booth so I had a front row seat. Intro To Retirement by Sandy Onsanger quilted by Michelle Plourde. Sandy was our vendor liason and a very pleasant person. She was so surprised that she won. By a stroke of luck the quilter Michelle happened to be right there at the same time shopping. They make a great team. And yes they are normal sized people…that is one very gi-normous quilt. I think it was king plus!IMG_2886

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