Introducing Larry…

Purple Moose Designs has been in business for 16 years and my moose and tree logo has pretty much gone untouched during those 16 years. Yet, somehow, the moose never got a name! The van has a name (Mabel the Moose Mobile), I’m the Head Moose, my daughter is Moosette, hubby is my Moose Geek, etc…yet nothing for my star moose. We called an emergency family meeting last week to rectify the situation. Several “M” names were thrown around but we just kept coming back to Larry. I have no real reason why. Larry has been a go-to name for our family for those odd times you need a spare name (at restaurants, anywhere they ask for a name…) Apparently we all have names that are hard for people to understand and they never get them right anyway, we might as well have fun with it. I guess it’s more accurate to say that we have now attached a physical persona to the name that has been a part of our family for many years instead of attaching a name to my moose. We Sontras are a weird bunch…

Larry the Purple Moose
Larry the Purple Moose

Anyhoo, a big hearty welcome to Larry – my business friend and companion!

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