Insane Quilter

My guild recently had a speaker that is, dare I say…insane. Her name is Karen Sticht. She is actually a member of our guild and I have seen her work before but had never seen a lot of the items she brought for her trunk show. Karen is known for her work in miniatures. There is always the running joke that Karen can’t make a 12″ block, that’s a whole quilt for her. I just wanted to share the work of someone that has great attention to detail.

Here is a Log Cabin quilt. It is machine stitched. I left my fingers in the photo so you can have a reference of the size.

Karen’s Log Cabin


Here’s a close-up of the log cabin. And, yes, that is a PIECED binding!

Log Cabin close-up


Here is a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt. It’s all hand stitched.

Karen’s Grandmother’s Flower Garden


Here is a close-up. I love the partial blocks in the border. Looks like a coneflower.

Grandmother’s Flower Garden close-up

I think the most interesting part of Karen’s trunk show was the progression from the early days with 1.5″ squares to the more current time with these tiny pieces.  I will never make anything this tiny even if I have three lifetimes. While I truly appreciate all that goes into her quilts I think Karen is just a little looney-tunes…but in a good way.

Keep up the good work Karen!

(and please no comments on my lack of a manicure…)

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