Healthy Blog Program, Day 1

31 day blog challenge (1)

We are starting our January in-shape resolution a little early…and we’re starting with the blog! Cheryl Sleboda of issued a challenge to anyone who wished to join in on her quest to blog every day during the month of December. I took the challenge as this is something I need to work on. I have the first couple ones sorta ready. Who knows what the rest of the month will be. I can guarantee that they will not all be long or overly chatty. Most will be short and fun. I’m sure there will be a give-away in there somewhere too… Hopefully I can develop a good habit and keep it up after December. But not everyday, just more often…we don’t want to get too carried away…


Thank you Cheryl for the kick in the behind.  Cheryl has been a good mentor so far and already has her first post up. You can see it here Cheryl Sleboda. Looks like she will be having some major fun in January! OK, here we go…deep breath…on to day two…wish me luck…

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