Feeling the Love Give-Away!

It has been far too long since we have had a give-away.  Hmmm…what to do, what to do….

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Moose Shipping List

I started my business in 1999. I have no idea why but I started keeping track of where orders were sent. This little slip of paper has hung on the bulletin board in 3 different houses. Every time I shipped something to a new state, it was dutifully checked off. As you can see I even made note of the “M” state abbreviations that always trip me up. As international orders started coming in I wrote the countries down as well. There is only one state that has no check mark. I am not feeling the love from South Carolina (whimper, snivel, whimper…) Have I done something to offend the good people of South Carolina? Are there no quilters in South Carolina who yearn for quality tools? I don’t know… I have even shipped to Canada, England, Australia, Norway, Germany, Singapore and just this week, Spain. But no South Carolina.

So, here’s our give-away. It has two parts:

Part 1: If you are in South Carolina, the first person to place an order will get an extra special gift in their package. It’s a surprise but will be well worth the effort of navigating the cart. You will also earn my undying appreciation to complete my list of states. That, of course, is priceless.

Part 2: For everyone else in the world (ok, South Carolinians too…) simple leave a comment below and answer the following question. We will give away these four packs of fabric samples. Each pack contains 10-14 8″X10″ samples of fabrics from the latest fabric lines.

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Purple Moose Give-Away

Here’s the question…

You are stranded on a magical quilting island. There is an unending supply of fabric and thread. There is also a machine and basic supplies for every person. You can only bring 3 items with you. What 3 quilting items could you not live without?

That’s it, answer away. You have until Sunday 6/15/14 at 4pm EST to answer. You may answer as many times as you wish. Each answer will be one entry. We will randomly pick four winners on Sunday evening. And if you’re thinking this is just our sneaky way of seeing what tools and gadgets are popular that we need to look into…you would be right!

Have fun!

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