Fabric Give Aways – The Winners

It’s time to announce the winners of our fabric give aways. If you don’t see your name listed – don’t despair quite yet. If, for some reason, the person doesn’t offer up their mailing info to me then I will be going back to the lists to pick another winner. If you do see your name listed you should be receiving an email from me shortly.

So I gathered my random number generators (Moosette and Hubby) and had them pick numbers for each day. They had no idea whose name was associated with each number so it really was quite random. They managed to pick all different people so there was no need to re-do anything. I love it when a plan comes together…

Side note: if you are looking for some cheap entertainment, have your family pick numbers for winners. It’s very entertaining. Of course, we have had much new snow recently and everything is very white so I may be suffering from snow blindness or cabin fever…or perhaps it’s because I’m a really cheap date…

Anywhoo, here are the winners:


Day 1 – We were supposed to have 4 different winners but I found a couple more chunks of fabric so we have 7 winners!

~anna~(fall, brown), Allison Bayer (blue), Cindy T. (blue), Heather (blue), Jerry (brown), Trina (rust), Debbie (swatches)


Day 2 – the brights

Sandra Timmons


Day 3 – beige and maroon

Terry D.


Day 4 – mint green, blue and geometric

Leonore Neumann


Day 5 – batiks

Elaine Morin


Day 6 – beige and greens


Thank you to everyone who participated. It’s really fun to give stuff away. We’ll be doing it again for sure!

9 thoughts on “Fabric Give Aways – The Winners”

  1. Ooohhh! I haven\’t won anything since I was 9 years old when I won a turkey at the roller rink. Fabric is much more fun to win! Thanks a bunch!

  2. I used a bingo hopper and balls for my last giveaway. I assigned bingo numbers to each entry, then put the balls in the hopper and had fun cranking away. I\’ve had family members draw in the past. Thanks for the giveaways, even tho I didn\’t win. It was still fun.

  3. I won the brown fabric and made a terrific table runner for my Mom\’s birthday.Thanks for sending something that got me \”out of my box\”.

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