Fabric Give Away – Day 2


Up for grabs today we have a batch that is really bright. Leave a comment below for your chance to win FREE FABRIC. Winner will be chosen on March 1, 2013 at noon (EST). Be sure to comment on the previous entry and come back for the upcoming entries too. There will be six in total.

Good luck!

27 thoughts on “Fabric Give Away – Day 2”

  1. My world in midwest USA has become white. Even though it tries, the sun can\’t shine on this white, white world. Some brightly colored fabric would help this cold, white world. Thanks for brightening up some places.

  2. I love bright different colors and the amazing quilts that come from using them in unexpected ways.
    Thank you Purple Moose (love that name!).

  3. I love kits and prefer to buy them, but lately I\’ve been using lots of my stash. I\’d love to win these to add to my collections~ Thanks for the chance.

  4. Love the website. Any color I win would be wonderful as I am new to quilting and don\’t have a \”stash.\” So whatever I won is a plus. And thank you.

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