Do You Craftsy?

If you haven’t discovered Craftsy yet…what are you waiting for? It doesn’t cost anything to get a Craftsy account and once you have one you can download patterns (both free and for a cost). You can also take online classes and buy fabric and other items too. Although I can’t see why you would want to buy any “stuff” there when we have such cool things in our store (grin…)

One of my buddies has recently offered a new class on Craftsy – Sandi Blackwell of Square-agonals fame. Sandi has come up with a way to make quilts with a diagonal or on-point setting without all that fussy math. The class includes almost 2 hours of instruction broken into small sections that you can go through at your leisure. During the course you can complete a quick, on-point table runner, a medallion style quilt with a vibrant secondary design and a charming traditional basket quilt set on-point. There is also help finishing the projects with beautiful borders  and tips to add your own style spin using the Square-agonals technique.

Sandi makes it easy to create on-point and diagonal designs so you will have more time to quilt and enjoy your finished projects. It doesn’t get any better than that, does it? Oh, but it does! Sandi has generously offered a discount code so you can get $5.00 off the price of the class. Simply click this link for the discount. You can check out more about the class too before you actually purchase it. Regular price is $29.99 but the discounted price is $24.99.

Can’t wait to see the great quilts you all create using Sandi’s technique. Leave me a comment and we’ll randomly choose one to get a free class with Sandi! You have until Mother’s Day 5/11/14 at noon EST. Ready, set, comment…


11 thoughts on “Do You Craftsy?”

  1. Hi I\’m always looking for a way to do a block that is easier, and looks like I\’ve worked harder then I have. It\’s a lot of fun learning new ways to make a quilt. Would love a free class.

  2. Charlene McCullough

    Yes! I do Craftsy. Love all things one can find there. Just about anything you might want. Just beginning to quilt, anything that teaches me an easy and faster way to things is extremely helpful to me. Thanks for the chance to win the class.

  3. Big Craftsy fan, so pleased I discovered this site and have learnt so much. It is so good being able to take the classes on your own time over and over again. I looked at your friends class and thought WOW that sound fantastic just what every quilters needs! To win such a class wold be a real bonus. Thank you for the opportunity to enter and good luck to all the other competitors :-))

  4. I have signed up for one Craftsy class, but haven\’t started it yet. I like Sandy\’s method and have done a table runner by using the technique for setting on point. I do have two of her books.

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