Cooking Hack – Onions!

I love to cook with onions and my go-to is sweet onions. When Vidalias are in season I can’t get enough! By the time I got around to buying onions a few months ago, the hoarders had already scooped them all up. Couldn’t even find a raggedy looking red onion anywhere. Then at Costco I spot a huge bag of sweet onions, Costco sized. I knew that half the bag would rot before I used them all but I had none so I bought it anyway.

When I got home I decided to check my trusty preserving cookbook and found out you can freeze onions. I never knew. Moosette and I had a marathon chopping session and put a single onions worth, chopped, into sandwich bags. Labeled them and tossed them into the freezer. To use I would pull out a bag and use as much as I needed (1/2 onion=1/2 bag). No thawing, just pop the onion into the dish. Freezing does change the texture a tad so I would not use these for certain dishes. For soups, casseroles, stir frys and things like that it works perfect. Almost finished up the last batch. Guess what Costco had…a huge bag of Vidalias!

Now they’re all chopped up and ready for the freezer. This time I chopped some into a fine dice and some into chunks for soups. I am so loving this trick. Sad that I didn’t know it earlier…I think there’s a little something in my eye…must be the onions!


2 thoughts on “Cooking Hack – Onions!”

  1. Hi I was just reading about how you chopped up your onions and freeze them. I have been doing this for years I dice them and do slices too. I put them in freezer bags and I put the bags inside a rubbermaid container too! this keeps them from getting freezer burned at least for me. I do this with peppers, ginger.
    Love how it helps make meals faster.

    1. Ginger in the freezer is my standard. I grate it while frozen. Works great! There are usually veggies from the garden in there too – perfect for winter when you can’t get the good stuff fresh.

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