Civilized Eatin’

I have just released my latest pattern, Civilized Eatin’. You can create a custom travel kit (mess kit if you’re a former scout) for all the fisherman, boaters, hunters or anyone who travels. It truly is the eco-friendly eat-on-the-go solution. The best part? You can whip these up in no time!

So, how did this come about you ask? I travel for business…a lot! I try not to eat out too often as that can get rather pricey. I also have some dietary issues that are easier to take care of my myself.

One night while gnawing on my chicken as it was perched on the one remaining time of my plastic fork, like a lollipop, I thought…there has to be a more civilized way of eating while traveling. I thought of the mess kit from my youth and decided to create a modern adult version of that.

You can customize the kit to meet your needs. You can serve a meal for one intrepid travel, snacks for four boating buddies or full meals for four perfect picnickers. No throw away plastic and everyone gets to enjoy real plates and silverware! Each kit folds all up so everything stays put during transport. The “container” can also double as a placemat or small tablecloth.

Order your pattern today! We have both download and print versions available. Same pattern, different delivery methods!

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