Checking out the Asian Market!

When we lived in California I was a frequent visitor to the Japanese markets. I missed them very much during my time in rural New England. Not sure why it has taken us so long to check out the markets here in Colorado but today we took a field trip. First thing we spot after entering the door? Yup, duck…the whole duck. This market must be the real deal!

Then it was off to the housewares section. Found a couple of dishes I couldn’t live without. Not sure how I feel about the traps available there though…

Lost the kids in the ramen aisle. Yup, an entire aisle devoted to the staple of poor youth everywhere!

Lots of interesting items. Durian seemed to be the product of the day. Every aisle had some kind of durian product. Lots of stinky choices. I’ll pass…

I regret not getting the watermelon seeds. Guess I’ll be heading back!

Then it was off to the meat counter…so many choices…pork uterus, beef penis, pork stomach (loved the marbling on this one!)…uh, no…

The seafood counter was impressive! The Parrot fish looks too pretty to eat.

The produce aisle offered lots of interesting finds. Wonder how you make chocolate from scratch? What do you do with banana flowers?

There were a few items that didn’t quite seem to belong…

Asian products always have the cutest packaging. A little sweet for the way home. Have you ever seen a hybrid drink container? Plastic on the bottom but metal on the top!

There were lots and lots of balls made from all manner of ingredients. The tempura balls seemed popular. And what would you need a ginormous sheet of bean curd for? It was folded several times in the package!

And just when we thought we had seen everything…

So…what did we have for dinner? Soup with dumplings and BBQ bow and leek bow. Yum. I also brought home some spices and condiments for future foodie adventures!

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