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Today is day three of the Blue Moon Blog Hop…and it’s my turn! Before I get into what I did, be sure and visit today’s other hopper – Deb made something cool with Jackie’s new fabric line!

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So…ready to see what I did with Jackie’s new fabric line? Here we go…

Pattern designers will sometimes offer a pattern that has a specific holiday theme. Sometimes these patterns lend themselves to be something other than that specific holiday. Poinsettia Petal Runner by Penni Domikis is such a pattern. I’ve made it once before as a holiday runner. I wish I had a photo but I gave it away as a gift. I’ve been wanting to make it again but in non-holiday colors because it’s such a cute pattern. When I saw Jackie’s new Blue Moon fabrics I just knew it would be perfect. Not only is this fabric line in my favorite colors (purple and blues) but the motifs on the fabrics themselves are birch trees, pine cones, snowflakes…all things that are right up my alley!

This pattern comes with templates to cut out all the orange peel shapes but it’s so much easier if you have the acrylic templates that Penni has created. Once you use the acrylic templates you’ll see how versatile they are for other patterns as well. It’s always a plus when tools can be used for multiple projects!

I did deviate from the pattern a bit for the cutting portion because I was working with chunks of fabrics rather than longer yardage. I also applied Misty Fuse to the petals because…well, I’m lazy…err…I mean, I like fusible! I think it turned out great. I can see this pattern done in fall colors or pastels for spring or maybe a Halloween version! I also deviated from Jackie’s fabric line for the centers of my flowers. This little scrap of yellow with blue and purple dots was sitting on the cutting table (used in another secret project) and it just went perfect.

I did add the stitching to the center section orange peel blocks. I chose a cute snowflake-ish decorative stitch on my machine. Here’s a little tip when topstitching like this. Your machine will jump all over the place as it goes to and fro. Sometimes it can be tough to keep it stitching on the line. Use the little center mark on your foot and do your best to keep the fabric edge on that line. Don’t have one on your foot? Use a fine sharpie (or white-out or nail polish) to make your own mark!


So, there’s my project. What do you think? If you would like to try this pattern you can find it on my website here. The acrylic templates can be found here, here and here. I would love to see photos of what you do with this pattern.

Ready for a little give-away? It’s your reward for reading all the way to the end! As I’m writing this it’s snowing outside…again… I think it’s time for a little summer and sunshine. I’m giving away a copy of my pattern Sandy Toes as well as a pre-cut, pre-fused starter kit. The winner will only have to supply some flowers, a background fabric and their own batting and binding. Such a deal! If you don’t win you can find the pattern here. All you have to do is leave a comment below and answer this question…

Do you like holiday themed patterns or do you prefer everyday projects?

Thanks for your time today. I’ll randomly draw the winner on Friday February 9th at 9pm EST. Any comments left on this post by then will be eligible.

26 thoughts on “Blue Moon Blog Hop – Day 3”

  1. I love your project! And, well…I like holiday themed patterns…but, I like to be able to use them for everyday projects as you did with this one! Great idea. Thanks for the opportunity to win the Sandy Toes starter kit! Such a cute pattern. Love those flower buttons! Are those artificial flower petals you used under the small buttons? Thanks!

  2. Love the snowflake accent stitching!! Wow very nice!!! The quilting you did on your Sandy Toes is lovely – really attractive!!!! Thanks for sharing!!
    (I like seasonal patterns!!!)

  3. Your project is beautiful – what wonderful color combinations to be made! I prefer to work on everyday projects, but Christmas & Halloween themes are certainly not out of the question! Thank you, Susan

  4. Holiday Themed or everyday?? Why can’t we love both! I think the color of samples catches my eye first, beyond the overall look of the quilt pattern. So I like a variety of designs but I am definitely a fan of wall hangings for Christmas, Fall, Spring, etc. If you enjoy hanging multiple quilts in your home, as I do, the holiday themed pieces just add some variety and spark to your decor. (I have a set of surfboards that are very similar to the look of your flip flops – bright batiks to welcome the summer months)

  5. While I like holiday projects, I’m more likely to put my time into items that can be used and enjoyed for a longer period of time.

  6. I like both, but I do make every day projects more. I like the way you used the poinsettia pattern into a non holiday version. Your flip flops would be perfect for my house since I live in Florida. 😊

  7. I like holiday ones for decorating–have made quite a few table toppers–but I also like the everyday projects–Your idea to use a seasonal design for everyday was great!

  8. I prefer everyday projects. I live in a small apartment and don’t have space to store a bunch of holiday-only quilts/decorations.

    I LOVE your flip-flops!

  9. Maryellen McAuliffe

    I love the colors in your project. Blue Moon is so pretty. I also like a variety of patterns. Some holiday ones can be done in non-holiday colors and look great. Thanks.

  10. I do like holiday themed projects, but prefer everyday ones so that I can still use it even if I don’t finish it by the the time the holiday arrives.
    Love your project!

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