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Are you a Halloween fanatic?

I’m very excited to have been chosen as one of twelve designers for the upcoming Spellbound Mystery Sew-A-Long. Each designer will create a 9″ (finished) block with a Halloween theme and there will also be finishing instructions to put them all together. The block patterns will be FREE until 11-25-20. Each designer will also have …

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2020 Color Challenge – June

The color for June is blue. As I work my way through my scrap bag of Cherrywood fabrics it’s becoming a tad more challenging with certain colors. Here’s my block for this month: Here’s my tip for this month…you don’t always have to follow the directions of the pattern. As a designer myself I may …

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Cooking Hack – Onions!

I love to cook with onions and my go-to is sweet onions. When Vidalias are in season I can’t get enough! By the time I got around to buying onions a few months ago, the hoarders had already scooped them all up. Couldn’t even find a raggedy looking red onion anywhere. Then at Costco I …

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A Quick Meal For Those Busy Days!


I love to feed my family a homemade meal made with fresh and healthy ingredients. Some days though…I just want something quick to make. I’m sure you can relate to a busy day during the run-up to the holidays. Today was just such a day for me. I decided to make Tater Tot Casserole. It may not be the healthiest but it’s stick-to-your-ribs fulfilling and it’s tasty. It’s not something I make often but it was perfect for today. 10 minutes of assembly and I’m back to work. You’ll need the following ingredients: 1 pound of hamburger (you will not have a chance to drain the fat so don’t use the cheap stuff, get the least % of fat available!) 2 cans cream of XXX soup – you can totally change the flavor profile by which soups you use – cream of celery, mushroom, chicken, chicken with flavorings… Today I...

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31 Day Blog Challenge


Cheryl Sleboda of has issued a 31 day blog challenge for the month of December and I’ve decided to take the challenge! Each day (hopefully!) I will do a blog post. I have the first few days all done and scheduled. Several more are in my head and just need to be written. What kinds of things will I blog about? Quilting tips, recipes, color inspiration photos, highlights of cool products…all fun and informative stuff. We’re even going to have a couple of FLASH SALES. Super prices on cool products for a very quick time period. What day will those be on you ask? Well…you’re just gonna have to check back to find out! Lots of folks have taken up Cheryl’s challenge. You can find the list of participants here. See ya tomorrow!

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Early Autumn in New England


Autumn in New England is one of my favorite things. People who don’t live here (or other places where the colors change) don’t realize that it’s a slow, gradual process. Prime leaf peeping season for my neighborhood is the first week of October (give or take a week) but we start seeing signs sometime in August. They are subtle signs but they’re there if you look. A stray colored leaf in a sea of green, the sudden disappearance of mosquitoes and the shortening days. The temperature is still usually warm during the day but you do get the occasional crisp evening. That’s when mushroom season really ramps up. I never knew mushrooms came in so many forms and colors. I took a walk around my property and snapped some photos. All these were taken on the same day. I left my toes in some of the photos for size reference....

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Moving Tips For Quilters


Are you a quilter with a move in your future? Me too! Let me share some tips to make that move easier! Many years ago when I moved from California to New Hampshire I had a serious problem. I knew if my hubby saw 20 boxes all labeled “fabric” there would be trouble. I had to come up with a plan. Getting rid of my stash was not one of the options! While I was out cornering the market on boxes, moving blankets, tape, sharpies and all the other moving supplies it hit me…why was I going to buy (at a premium price mind you!) a stack of paper to wrap fragile items in when I had scads of fabric at home? I already owned it…and I wouldn’t have to label one single solitary box with the dreaded “fabric”! I was determined to make it work. Here we are in...

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A New Adventure!


Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been a little quiet lately. That’s ’cause I’ve been working REALLY hard on our new adventure. Last month we started our 19th year in business. A lot has changed in that 19 years…and it’s about to change again. We’re moving to Colorado! Yup, this frugal yankee is heading west (again!) I’m sure you have questions so let’s get to answering them. The cupboards are empty and the boxes are piling up! Are you closing? Absolutely not! Just changing things up! Will you still vend at quilt shows? Short answer…no. I do have a couple of shows left to do and then that’s it. I have enjoyed the company of quilters at shows, loved talking with all of you and seeing what you’re working on…but the schlepping of boxes to and fro is getting really hard on my old knees. Moosette is an...

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Maine Quilts!!

EvaPaige - Oompah

I’m a busy little moose packing up for Maine Quilts. Thought I would take a break and tell you all about the great things we have planned for the show! I’m very excited to have a guest in my booth on Thursday from 10-2. Beth Helfter of EvaPaige Quilt Designs will have her new book, Oompah! on hand for signing and she will be telling you all about her really fun way to make oodles of half square triangles. It will be a very entertaining time in the booth that day! I’m also doing a demo everyday in the show’s demo area:   Thursday – 3pm – Slotted Trimmer & Clearly Perfect Angles – want to know how to make half square triangles easily, accurately and with NO DRAWING OF THE LINES? Stop by and I’ll show ya! Friday – 3pm – Care & Feeding Of Your Rotary Tools –...

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Totes & Bags – Adding Pizzazz!

Solid Oak Online

Are you a tote or bag maker? Today I’m gonna show you some quick tips for adding some pizzazz to your finished totes. What we’re sharing can also work on any purchased bags you have, not just ones you crafted! Ready to start? Let’s go! Adding a zipper pull is probably the easiest way to jazz up a bag. What can you use as a pull? Oh…we’ll get to that! Be sure and check out my nails…they look awesome! I usually break one just before taking photos…or smash my finger… Tools & Supplies: You don’t really need anything, tool-wise, different from what you probably already own. I made jewelry in a past life so I still have tools (and beads, more beads, maybe some more…I might have a problem…) that are basically smaller versions of household tools. You can use household tools they’re just a bit large and clunky. If...

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Quilt Pro Retreat

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Purple Moose Retreats

Our first Quilt Pro Retreat was last weekend and I’m calling it a success! We had a great mix of quilt shop owners (brick & mortar and online), pattern designers, long armers, fabric reps, furniture designers, retreat organizers, product manufacturer…all aspects of our business. This was a great plus when we had our business discussions as we each got the perspective of another arm of our industry. We held several formal round-table discussions and tackled Social Media, Marketing and Time Management. That’s a lot of heavy stuff to tackle! Of course we left lots of time to sew on either personal projects or store samples. There was plenty of informal discussions during sewing time as well. Once you let all that info marinate for a bit then you think of a new solution/idea/option for whatever was discussed.    The weather was absolutely perfect in Waterville Valley NH. We did get...

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Moose Musings – Jeans Shopping


Have I mentioned that I really don’t like shopping for jeans? There comes a time though when I must…like now. All my jeans are no longer fit for public display, only yard work and home maintenance. So off I go to the mall… I’m a Mom, I just want a pair of Mom Jeans. I don’t think it’s a difficult request. My legs are too long for petite sizes and way too short for normal sizes so I have issues. All those zippers on the abdomen (I’m looking at you J-Lo!) and the pizzazz on the behind? No thanks, I have enough going on in those areas and don’t need to call attention there. Rips should happen after heavy usage, not at the time of purchase. And the acid wash on the thighs? Really? It looks like I have used my pants for napkins. Sheesh. I won’t even start in...

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What should I pack for my quilting retreat?


One of the more enjoyable hats I wear for my job is Retreat Hostess. One question I get a lot is “What should I bring?”. Since I’m in the midst of final preparations for an upcoming retreat I thought it was a good time to share some tips for packing. Over the years I have seen people load up the luggage cart at the Inn like they just binge watched all the Beverly Hillbillies episodes…and then go back to the car for more…sometimes they even bring their own chair! Other people come with their machine, an extra pair of unmentionables and little else. Usually the correct answer is somewhere in the middle. First you should consult any documentation you receive from your retreat hostess. If there is a class involved then there should be a supply list. If there are any special amenities at the venue they should tell you...

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