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2020 Color Challenge – March

Do you ever have one of those days where you realize you probably just shouldn’t be sewing? Well, that was me doing the March block. It wasn’t that it was difficult, it was just me. I re-sewed the center five times. Five. Times…and it’s still not perfect but I can live with it! Granted it …

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2020 Color Challenge – February

The February block for the 2020 Color Challenge is up. This months color is Aqua. Just like last month that is a color that is lacking in my Cherrywood stash…sigh…the rest of the months I should be fine. Nothing like starting off a challenge and making it more challenging! Here is my version of the …

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Checking out the Asian Market!

When we lived in California I was a frequent visitor to the Japanese markets. I missed them very much during my time in rural New England. Not sure why it has taken us so long to check out the markets here in Colorado but today we took a field trip. First thing we spot after …

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The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies EVER!

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Every quilt show season I hand out a recipe for anyone who wants one. This is last years recipe. This year we will be giving out the easiest Apple Strudel you’ve ever made. Come find our booth at any of our shows to get a copy or you can always wait until the show season is over and we’ll post it here. In the meantime, enjoy last year’s recipe! Any recipe that starts off with a pound of butter has a lot going for it! A plate of these beauties works wonderfully as a thank you or a bribe. I always make sure that those folks in my life who keep it running smoothly get a plateful a couple of times a year. Think of the postal staff, bank employees, garbage folks, the chatty neighbor (if they’re chewing they can’t chat!) This recipe makes a lof of cookies. I make...

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Madeira FS20 Blackcore


Do you love the sparkle of metallic threads but hate the frustration of using them? Then read on… Blackcore has been a very popular thread for us. If you want the sparkle of a metallic but not the stiffness then you should give this thread a try.  It has a very soft hand and sews like a dream. I used to have lots of trouble with metallics. For me, metallics always meant thread nests, breakage and lots of four letter words I don’t normally utter – but not with Blackcore. It’s the perfect thread for quilting, thread art or machine embroidery. If you use it on a darker fabric the black almost disappears and all you’re left with is the sparkle. If you use it on lighter fabrics you get both the black and the sparkle. Both equally nice, just depends on what look you’re after. Blackcore is a black polyester thread...

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Have you checked out our new digs?

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I’m so excited to invite you all to check out our new and greatly improved website. We have an updated look, a search feature and lots of behind the scenes betterness (such good English!) all to make your Purple Moose experience fantastic. We’re still getting some of the stubborn cobwebs cleared from the far back corners so if you find any problems, please let me know. I’m also a little slow in learning the new software, but very happy to learn all that it can do. We are now poised to launch into greatness. (What do you think, is that reaching too high? naaahh…)

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Heroic Effort

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For my first official blog post I have decided to share about my recent heroic effort. Can I make a baby quilt in less than 24 hours? Well yes, yes I can…sort of. My daughter’s teacher is having a baby girl. Around bedtime last Tuesday I was informed that a baby shower was going to be Thursday after school. I had meetings all day Wednesday – this was going to be interesting. In all fairness to my daughter we had been discussing the baby quilt since the beginning of the school year. We wanted to do a project that got all the kids involved but kept getting sidelined by the complications of what to have the kids do and figuring out when to get them to do it. The project just sat on the back burner simmering. What I did know was it was for a baby girl so a...

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My first blog entry. I have read them for a long time but writing one is another story…so many new buzzwords to learn. Well, that should be enough to see what it will look like. Stay tuned…

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