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Cooking Hack – Onions!

I love to cook with onions and my go-to is sweet onions. When Vidalias are in season I can’t get enough! By the time I got around to buying onions a few months ago, the hoarders had already scooped them all up. Couldn’t even find a raggedy looking red onion anywhere. Then at Costco I …

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2020 Color Challenge – May

May’s color is green. I really wanted to use the lime green in my Cherrywood stash but there wasn’t enough of it for this block. I’ll have to save that for another month! Here is my block all finished: I’m still using the two background colors in each block. I also went with two different …

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2020 Color Challenge – April

Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs! Be sure to check out my giveaway at the bottom of this post! April is my first official posting month of the 2020 Color Challenge but I have been doing the block each month. For those of you who are first time visitors here, I have further …

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Fabric Give Aways!


At times we sell kits. Whenever I make up a batch of kits I save all the extra fabric until several months after the last kit is sold – just in case someone has a terrible rotary cutting accident and needs just a smidge more. Well, all the kits are gone and it’s time to move the extra fabric along to a new home. That home could be yours! Each day for the next six days I will list a batch of fabric. Simply leave a comment on this blog and you will be earn a chance to win that days batch of fabric. You are free to comment on each day but you can only win one batch of fabric. Gotta spread the wealth around! All the batches vary as to how much fabric is there and the pieces are of various sizes. Some are small and some are large...

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Mayan Doomsday – A Quilters Perspective


Friday December 21, 2012 is the end of the Mayan calendar. According to some experts this is supposed to mean the end of the world. As a quilter I have a different opinion. The Mayan people were very industrious and clever. They managed to achieve great things considering they didn’t have the modern advances that we all know and love (ok, sometimes not so much love for technology…) They were a brilliant people. I like to think that I have moments of brilliance as well which should give me some insight about how they may have operated. Much like the Mayans I have many things going on at any given time.  Granted I don’t have to forage for food as they did, carry water from the local watering hole or carve my way through the jungle to get to the temple but I still have to feed my family, water...

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Dairy Free Pumpkin Pie

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Several years ago when it was discovered that Moosette was lactose intolerant we started learning what she could and could not eat. When she found pumpkin pie on the absolute no-no list, she was heartbroken. We tried several different dairy free recipes and, quite frankly, they were disgusting. It was getting to the point that she was willing to endure painful stomach cramps a couple times a year just to have a slice of her favorite pie. Then we found the perfect recipe. I have served this pie to guests without telling them it was any different than regular pumpkin pie and they didn’t notice a thing. The texture is velvet creaminess and the taste is just like regular pie. It does dirty a few more dishes than making traditional pie but it’s not at all hard. If you or anyone on your guest list has dairy issues please give...

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Hurricane Sandy Stinks!


We had a little snow last week which was a wake-up call that the yard needed to be readied for winter. Since it was a lovely day today in the mid 60’s I decided to knock that off the to-do list. While pulling spent flowers in the front bed I was rudely reminded of my Hurricane Sandy story. I’m sure you’ve heard all manner of stories about how long the electricity was out and how much damage was done. I’m also sure you haven’t heard a story quite like mine… We were all ready for the storm and it was fast approaching. The governor had issued a “no driving after 3pm unless you’re a first responder” edict. Hubby (a firefighter) was at the station waiting for the onslaught of calls. Moosette, the dog and I were at home and ready. About 2:30 it started getting very blustery outside so I decided...

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I need needle help!


I am updating my handout on sewing machine needles and need your help. What information about needles have you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask? Burning questions keeping you awake at night? Nagging rumors you want to know if they’re true or not? Now is your chance to find the answers! If you’re too shy to respond here, feel free to email me directly. I won’t tell…

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Bennington Quiltfest


I’m so excited. I (along with my New England Quilt Designers compatriats) will be vending at the Bennington Quiltfest in Bennington VT this weekend. I was lucky to spend a little time in Bennington while on vacation this summer and, I must say, Ben Grape Moose They even have moose prints on the sidewalk! Moose Prints The Quiltfest will be held at the Mt. Anthony Union Middle School, 747 East Road and will run 9-5 on Saturday and 9-4 on Sunday. I will be manning the booth along with Beth Helfter of EvaPaige Quilt Designs, the original Quilting Hottie. We have the extra special treat of having her hubby, Mr. Hottie, joining us. Beth says he’s there for added eye candy. If you’re in the area be sure and stop in to say Howdy!

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Lots of wildlife this week!


Movement caught my eye out the window the other day. Four adorable juvenile raccoons. I snapped this photo but didn’t want to get too much closer because I didn’t know where Mom was. They’ve been hanging around for several days. Aren’t they just the cutest? Night before last we had one of the largest bears I’ve ever seen come and dine at the compost bin. He plunked his rather sizable tush right down on the last of the peas that I hadn’t picked yet. I’ve had no takers on eating said peas… something about eau-de-bear-butt. It was dark out so we couldn’t get a picture but we did get to watch him (from the safe indoors) for about 20 minutes. In my travels yesterday I saw two fox and a mink that didn’t win the animal vs. car challenge. If I had any skinning or tanning skills I could have whipped up a...

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Challenge = Conquered


Oops, my bad…did you feel the earth’s spin brake to an almost screeching halt today? That’s because I finished my challenge quilt and turned it in – A WHOLE DAY EARLY! I must be coming down with something… One of our local museums is celebrating its 100 year anniversary and they decided to have a quilt challenge as part of their hoopla. We were given a fat quarter that had to be used in a recognizable size, the quilt had to be 30″X30″ and it had to showcase the flora and fauna of New Hampshire and the Lakes region. The quilts will be judged and the top three winners will receive a cash award, artwork by a local artist and a pewter piece. Here is a photo of the label with the provided fabric used as the frame. Since it’s a printed fabric I decided to further challenge myself and not use any...

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Misty Fuse To The Rescue


So, I’m working on a challenge project for the 100 year anniversary for a local museum (The Libby Museum). It has to be a certain measurement and include a piece of fabric that was provided. The quilt must also pay homage to the local flora and fauna since that’s a big part of the museum’s focus. I wanted to do something with birch trees but was having no luck with any of the fabrics in my stash for the birch bark. The deadline is looming and the thought of driving around looking for that elusive birch bark fabric sounded about as much fun as waiting for the dentist. I was staring at the trees outside hoping that some other idea would come to mind…that darn birch bark…if only I had the perfect fabric because my quilt idea was awesome…what to do…that @*#$(%* birch bark…totally messed up my whole idea…wait a minute…could I...

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Cocheco Quilters Guild


I had the pleasure a couple of weeks ago to spend an evening with the folks from the Cocheco Quilters Guild in Dover NH. I shared a little sewing machine history with them and they shared their hospitality with me. Here are a few of the folks that I could fit into the picture. Thanks for having me and I look forward to seeing you guys again at either Maine Quilts or The Gathering…or wherever quilters gather!

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