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Quilt Block Mania – April 2023

I’m excited to be participating in Quilt Block Mania. The theme this month is “Neighborhood”. When I first saw this I thought of a street sign. I know, I’m just a little odd… It could be the sign for your street or perhaps a dream vacation spot or maybe a memory of a fun time …

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Broken Glass

I shared a sneak peek earlier of this yummy fabric. I can finally reveal what I did with it! We’ll have a free pattern for everyone and one lucky person will be able to win my project. Details are below. Broken Glass from Island Batik, designed for Kathy Engle for Swan Amity Sheridan of Swan …

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Lunch with Larry

Larry is our purple moose mascot. Actually, I have several Larrys! I purchased the original and all the others have been gifted to me over the years by friends and customers. They are all precious to me. Can you guess which is the original? I figured it was high time for all these Larrys to …

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Quilting R&R 2014


lunch view

Well, our first retreat was a smashing success! We only had a few minor glitches, all of them my fault. Next year I need to bring kleenex, do formal introductions among everyone (how could I forget that?), bring more extension cords and take more pictures.  Our venue is the Snowy Owl Inn in Waterville Valley, NH. The photo above was the view out the dining room window. Our innkeepers were incredible. One of our guests forgot to pack all the cords for her sewing machine which rendered it useless for the weekend. Innkeeper Jenny to the rescue with a spare machine of hers that she let our guest use. Extra machines were not on my packing list so thank you Jenny. Our chef, George, was a big hit. If he ever needs a new family I’m sure several of the ladies would be more than willing to take him home.

We started off with a small welcome at each table…


Everyone also received a swag bag with a travel iron, travel cutting/ironing mat and more…


One of the swag items was a kit to make a holder for the travel iron. Here’s Retta with hers all done…


Sarah Ann Smith was our guest teacher for the weekend. Here are two versions of the project she taught us and Sarah working the room…

sarahs work4 sarahs work5  ironing lesson2

Did I mention that I needed to take more pictures? Yes, that’s right, I took NO pictures of the guests projects…sigh… You can see Sarah’s blog post here though. She was on the ball and took pictures. I need to hire her next year. Except I took this picture. That’s Anne working a piece of fabric. She used one piece for all her flowers and leaves. It looked awesome…if only I had a photo to show you.

working it2

We had other activities too…puzzles, block raffle (this picture was before all the blocks were added…need more pictures), raffle prizes for the scavenger hunt, chocolate…

IMG_0487block raffleraffleIMG_0484

There was lots to do outside too. Waterville Valley has a big Fall Festival that was the same weekend. There was music in the town square every afternoon and evening, 5K run…ok, these ladies did not do the 5K but they did do the 1 hour guided hike! They came back totally energized. There was even another quilting retreat at another inn and some of them came to visit us!

athletes visitors2

We had our own store for anything that was forgotten…


We could also visit the shops in the town square. Whenever I went to the square I kept seeing these hooks all over. I couldn’t figure out what they were for. Then more people started showing up and it became clear. They were for hooking up your pooch while you shopped! Zelda would be in heaven with so many people to visit with.


A huge thank you to Steve and Jenny of the Snowy Owl Inn. They were so easy to work with and made everything run smoothly. If you ever need a venue for a large gathering or just a family weekend. I cannot recommend them enough. Did I mention that each room had it’s own jacuzzi tub? They think of everything. And a huge thank you to my guest teacher Sarah Ann Smith and our entertainer Alison Bolt (again, no pictures…grr…) and to all the ladies who spent their weekend with me. I guess I did something right because ALL of them signed up for next years retreat! Well, all but one – she’s moving so I guess I’ll give her a pass…


Registration is open for our 2015 retreat. Our guest teacher will be Ami Simms and the project will be Dancing Spools. Space will be limited to 27 guests and we’re already almost 1/2 way full so don’t delay!

Now, what will I put in the 2015 swag bags…





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Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone


We all have a comfort zone. That place where you know everything and nothing is weird or unusual. Well, I stepped outside that zone yesterday. I took Moosette and a friend to Comic Con in Boston. I now have an understanding of what non-quilters or novice quilters must experience at their first big quilt show.

For those of you who don’t know what Comic Con is…it is a convention for anyone who is interested in movies (mostly Sci-Fi), computer games, anime, comic books and cartoons. Quite a number of the people dress up as their favorite character. Dressing up is called cosplay. Some of the costumes are very simple and some are very elaborate. If you are a people watcher (as I am) it was a fun day. Moosette and I have been working on her costume for months. She dressed up as a character from a computer game she plays. It’s based on Alice in Wonderland and she fights the evil characters from the story and is helped by the good characters. She uses several weapons but the one Moosette chose is the large pepper grinder.


For anyone that knows me, it should come as quite a shock that I made a dress. This was the beginning of my being outside my comfort zone! It has set-in sleeves (I cursed a lot), a zipper (I cursed some more) and a HUGE bow on the back with a skull in the middle. Yeah, try finding a tutorial for a HUGE bow with attached skull…it’s not out there… Moosette made an exact replica of the necklace that the character wears. We found the right tights and boots and we even made a large pepper grinder with some help from hubby. It was a true family affair. Moosette’s friend went as Tinkerbell. It was so cute watching little girls come up to her and ask to have their picture taken with her. I don’t know which of them was more excited. Moosette tried not to smile in a lot of the photos, she said she was trying to stay in character…

comicon10 comicon5 comicon3

We saw characters from games, tv shows, movies…

comicon7 comicon6 comicon8

We saw Balloon Lady, Princess Man and Sailor Dude…


We saw random battles break out…


This kid was so excited to battle someone else with a light saber…


Dr. Who was very popular. Guess I should look into that show to see what all the excitement was about!


We ended the day when Alice finally found her white rabbit! All in all, a wonderful adventure with two great young ladies. I encourage everyone to step outside your comfort zone now and again – whether in quilting or another pursuit.

So…what to do for cosplay next year…




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Insane Quilter


My guild recently had a speaker that is, dare I say…insane. Her name is Karen Sticht. She is actually a member of our guild and I have seen her work before but had never seen a lot of the items she brought for her trunk show. Karen is known for her work in miniatures. There is always the running joke that Karen can’t make a 12″ block, that’s a whole quilt for her. I just wanted to share the work of someone that has great attention to detail.

Here is a Log Cabin quilt. It is machine stitched. I left my fingers in the photo so you can have a reference of the size.

Karen’s Log Cabin


Here’s a close-up of the log cabin. And, yes, that is a PIECED binding!

Log Cabin close-up


Here is a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt. It’s all hand stitched.

Karen’s Grandmother’s Flower Garden


Here is a close-up. I love the partial blocks in the border. Looks like a coneflower.

Grandmother’s Flower Garden close-up

I think the most interesting part of Karen’s trunk show was the progression from the early days with 1.5″ squares to the more current time with these tiny pieces.  I will never make anything this tiny even if I have three lifetimes. While I truly appreciate all that goes into her quilts I think Karen is just a little looney-tunes…but in a good way.

Keep up the good work Karen!

(and please no comments on my lack of a manicure…)

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Feeling the Love Give-Away!


It has been far too long since we have had a give-away.  Hmmm…what to do, what to do….

photo 2
Moose Shipping List

I started my business in 1999. I have no idea why but I started keeping track of where orders were sent. This little slip of paper has hung on the bulletin board in 3 different houses. Every time I shipped something to a new state, it was dutifully checked off. As you can see I even made note of the “M” state abbreviations that always trip me up. As international orders started coming in I wrote the countries down as well. There is only one state that has no check mark. I am not feeling the love from South Carolina (whimper, snivel, whimper…) Have I done something to offend the good people of South Carolina? Are there no quilters in South Carolina who yearn for quality tools? I don’t know… I have even shipped to Canada, England, Australia, Norway, Germany, Singapore and just this week, Spain. But no South Carolina.

So, here’s our give-away. It has two parts:

Part 1: If you are in South Carolina, the first person to place an order will get an extra special gift in their package. It’s a surprise but will be well worth the effort of navigating the cart. You will also earn my undying appreciation to complete my list of states. That, of course, is priceless.

Part 2: For everyone else in the world (ok, South Carolinians too…) simple leave a comment below and answer the following question. We will give away these four packs of fabric samples. Each pack contains 10-14 8″X10″ samples of fabrics from the latest fabric lines.

photo 1
Purple Moose Give-Away

Here’s the question…

You are stranded on a magical quilting island. There is an unending supply of fabric and thread. There is also a machine and basic supplies for every person. You can only bring 3 items with you. What 3 quilting items could you not live without?

That’s it, answer away. You have until Sunday 6/15/14 at 4pm EST to answer. You may answer as many times as you wish. Each answer will be one entry. We will randomly pick four winners on Sunday evening. And if you’re thinking this is just our sneaky way of seeing what tools and gadgets are popular that we need to look into…you would be right!

Have fun!

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Do You Craftsy?


If you haven’t discovered Craftsy yet…what are you waiting for? It doesn’t cost anything to get a Craftsy account and once you have one you can download patterns (both free and for a cost). You can also take online classes and buy fabric and other items too. Although I can’t see why you would want to buy any “stuff” there when we have such cool things in our store (grin…)

One of my buddies has recently offered a new class on Craftsy – Sandi Blackwell of Square-agonals fame. Sandi has come up with a way to make quilts with a diagonal or on-point setting without all that fussy math. The class includes almost 2 hours of instruction broken into small sections that you can go through at your leisure. During the course you can complete a quick, on-point table runner, a medallion style quilt with a vibrant secondary design and a charming traditional basket quilt set on-point. There is also help finishing the projects with beautiful borders  and tips to add your own style spin using the Square-agonals technique.

Sandi makes it easy to create on-point and diagonal designs so you will have more time to quilt and enjoy your finished projects. It doesn’t get any better than that, does it? Oh, but it does! Sandi has generously offered a discount code so you can get $5.00 off the price of the class. Simply click this link for the discount. You can check out more about the class too before you actually purchase it. Regular price is $29.99 but the discounted price is $24.99.

Can’t wait to see the great quilts you all create using Sandi’s technique. Leave me a comment and we’ll randomly choose one to get a free class with Sandi! You have until Mother’s Day 5/11/14 at noon EST. Ready, set, comment…


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Cutting Mat Cleaning


There are so many other things I would rather do than clean – shovel snow, weed the garden, hide in the closet and cry… I’m sure some of you can relate. Sometimes though a quick clean-up can make your whole project go much smoother. Here’s a tasty little tid-bit on cleaning your rotary cutting mat.

When your cutting mat get fibers stuck in the cuts it can be very annoying. Your fabric won’t lie flat or slide across easily and the older your mat, the worse it gets. If you have been slicing and dicing batting or flannel your mat can look like a fluffy bunny.


I buy these el-cheapo scrubbers at the dollar store, bargain bins, wherever. Oddly, Staples has always been a good spot to find them cheap. Oh no, I just gave away a cool bargain hunting ground… Anyhoo, they come 2 or 3 to a package and run about a buck. Brand doesn’t matter, just cheap.  Simply wipe the cutting mat with the scrubber and it pulls all those fibers out so you have a smooth cutting surface again. Easy peasy. Just make sure that it’s clean and only used for your mat. You wouldn’t want last nights pot roast to be embedded in the cuts of your mat, yuck.

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Purrfect Spots


Did ya see my guest blog? Check it out…

Thank you, thank you to Nan Baker at Purrfect Spots for having me as a guest blogger. It was fun. Nan and I first “met” in an online class that we both took to figure out Facebook. We stayed neck and neck building our “likes” numbers but she has pulled ahead recently. Not that it’s a competition…or that anyone is keeping track…or that she’s more popular than me (sniff..)

It has been fun watching our businesses grow along side each other since then. Nan is a talented quilt designer who has a passion for our four-footed friends. I look forward to doing things with Nan again in the future. Maybe I’ll even get to meet her in person one of these days!

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Need Glasses?


Just wanted to share a testimonial. I have no affiliation with this company aside from being a very happy customer.

I wear glasses. The older I get, the stronger they get…sigh… I have always been a good girl and bought my glasses from the eye doctor. Silly me. Our insurance guy recently told us about the company that he gets his glasses from online. Hubby and I were dubious but we forged ahead. Normally we spend $400-$500 a pair at the eye doctor thanks to all the extras we need (progressive, bi-focal, tri-focal…sigh…) This high cost left me with the pair of glasses that I wore every day and no backups. I was envious whenever I saw someone with a wild color or funky glasses.

So I decided that the pair I ordered would be my backup pair and I would choose a funky color. I was sure they couldn’t get the prescription right and didn’t have much faith. How wrong I was – I LOVE my new glasses. They are now my everyday glasses.

glasses  glasses2

They even have Purple Moose emblazened on the side. How cool is that? The best part is hubby and I each got a pair (with all the “extras”) and it only cost about $140 total, for two pair. This included a special they were running at the time. They have all green glasses on sale this month…I’m thinking I need a lime green pair.

So if you wear glasses I highly recommend you check out Zenni Optical at , you won’t be disappointed. You can even upload a head shot of yourself and “try on” the glasses on your own face. It’s pretty cool.  Have fun! And yes, the temperature is in the negatives today and I’m wearing my furry hat.

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Chocolate Eclair Pie


Oh my poor neglected blog… I got behind in regular posts last fall then decided my next post needed to be spectacular to make up for it. Well, now it has been far too long and no post, spectacular or otherwise, can make up for such an absence. It’s time to just jump back into it and move on.

Every quilt show “season” I have a recipe available for anyone who wants one. I try to make them easy so we can eat well and have more time for quilting. Once the new recipe comes out the older one goes on the blog for everyone. If you visit any of my scheduled events in 2014 you will have the chance to grab a recipe for homemade Tater Tots. In the mean time, here is last years recipe…

Chocolate Eclair Pie

This is one of the easiest recipes there is. The only trick is to think about it ahead of time because it has to sit before serving. It’s an excellent choice for pot-lucks and dinner parties.

21 whole graham crackers (give or take, every pan is slightly different)

two 3.5oz pkg. instant French Vanilla pudding

3 cups milk

8oz tub Extra Creamy Cool Whip, frozen

1 tub Dark Chocolate ready-to-spread frosting

3 teaspoons milk

1. Place one layer of graham crackers (about 7 crackers) in the bottom of a 9X13 pan. Some crackers may need to be broken to get good coverage.

2. Mix vanilla pudding with 3 cups of milk.

3. Mix in frozen Cool Whip and whip until well blended.

4. Spread half of the pudding mixture onto graham crackers.

5. Add another layer of graham crackers.

6. Spread remaining half of pudding mixture onto graham crackers.

7. Add a final layer graham crackers.

8. Mix frosting with 3 teaspoons of milk to make it easier to spread. Spread frosting over top layer of graham crackers. Don’t mix the frosting ahead of time. While you’re mixing the frosting and milk, the pudding has a minute to start setting up. Then you won’t have problems with the layers mixing together while spreading the frosting.

9. Refrigerate 12-24 hours. Dessert can be frozen although I have never tried it because there has never been any leftovers.

Time to mix it up! Once you’ve mastered the basic pie – it’s time to experiment. Try using different flavors of graham crackers (cinnamon, chocolate…), pudding or even the frosting. How about some add-ins to the pudding section? I’m thinking a German Chocolate Cake variety with chocolate crackers, chocolate pudding with coconut mixed in and chocolate frosting…leave out the coconut and you have Death By Chocolate…maybe a Black Forest Cake variety with cherries…the possibilites are endless…


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Out With The Old…In With The New


Out With The Old…

It’s a sad day for lovers of Seralene thread. Mettler has decided to no longer make this wonderful thread. All the spools I have in stock are all I’m going to get – ‘taint no mo! It has been marked down to $4.95 per spool (from $6.95). There is still a decent amount of white, off-white and black but the colors are getting to be slim pickens. Get it while ya still can. You can find it here, in the Seralene Thread section.

In With The New…


I have gotten so many requests the last few months for small rotary rulers. Never being one to want to dissappoint the masses – we now have a full selection of Omnigrip/Omnigrid rulers in stock. 2.5″, 3.5″, 5″, 5.5″, 6″ & 6.5″. You can find them here in our Rotary Supplies section.



Perfect Ovals, Perfect Circles, Perfect Bigger Circles & Perfect Stems. These templates are easy and fun to use. For the circles and ovals – simply trace the desired size, do a quick running stitch around, iron, remove the heat resistant template and VIOLA! Perfection. For the stems – simply place the template inside the fold of your fabric, stitch with your machine, trim, iron and VIOLA! Perfection.

You can find them here, in the Notions section. What would you do with a pile of ovals and circles? Flowers? Something else? Let’s hear it!


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