Blast Off – Joanne Hillestad, Fat Quarter Gypsy

Today’s guest blog hopper is Joanne Hillestad of the Fat Quarter Gypsy. Joanne is the creator of the ever popular Pop-Up. If you don’t know what that is, you really need to get out more often. It has been one of the hottest patterns for the last year and a half. The original pop-ups can be made in several sizes and refill wire forms are available in all sizes. This year Joanne added Basket Pop-Ups and Pet Pop-Ups. All of them are super easy to create and make super gifts. I can personally attest to the huge fun factor in smooshing them while bored during the quiet times at a quilt show…

FQG122 Stacking Pop Up Pattern FQG129 Basket Pop-Up Pattern Image 1

Joanne has also teamed up with several quilt designers for some custom Pop-Ups and the patterns are available for free. You still need the original pattern, these just tell you how to do the custom part. You can see them all here.

Joanne’s life does not revolve solely around Pop-Ups (although she may disagree on some days…) She also has numerous quilt patterns and makes the greatest door knob signs. Joanne is also an avid gardener, chicken rancher and glamper queen.

FQG303 Knobie Talk Door Hanger-DNEWO Fabric

You can visit Joanne’s blog to see what she’s got going on. Be sure and leave a comment for a chance at her giveaway. You can also find her at these social media locations:

Grand Prize Comment:  Before you head over to Joanne’s leave a comment here to be entered for a chance at the grand prize by answering this question…

Joanne has chickens for pets and loves them dearly. She did confess that she doesn’t even really like eggs all that much – she just likes chickens! Tell us about your pet. Do you have the “normal” version or something exotic?

6 thoughts on “Blast Off – Joanne Hillestad, Fat Quarter Gypsy”

  1. Two dogs, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel with bad knees, and a retired weight pulling champion Alaskan Malamute (we got him after retirement).

  2. I\’ve had two rescue pets, a black lab mix and a silver gray kitty, who I miss. I\’m almost ready for another rescue kitty I think.

  3. I have a cavalier King Charles spaniel; she\’s a dog but in no way normal – she\’s quite the diva!

  4. We have just one dog. But we like to also claim some of the wild critters on our property too. We have a pond full of fish, some turtles, a pair of ducks, bullfrogs, deer (a for had her fawn out our basement window last week!), rabbits, birds… There are many we don\’t claim though too: raccoons, armadillos, spring peeper tree frogs, and the dreaded snake. Thanks for the chance!

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