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Today’s guest blog hopper is Elaine Perez of Summercrafter. Elaine is a former teacher and school librarian. She would spend her summers off doing all sorts of crafts (hence the name of her business!) Elaine hails from the sunny state of Florida which is evident in her patterns. She uses lots of beachy colors and there is often an ocean theme. I just love this seahorse one. I was lucky enough to have this actual quilt in my possession for a time last summer and it’s even nicer looking in person!

Watercolor Sea Horses-OUT OF STOCK

Elaine’s motto is “Craft. Quilt. Unwind. Because making something pretty is like a mini vacation.” You can’t argue with that logic! You can visit Elaine’s blog to see what she has going on and leave a comment for a chance at her giveaway today. You can also find her at these social media locations: (Never ever on there only send from Instagram)

Grand Prize Comment:  Before you head over to Elaine’s leave a comment here to be entered for a chance at the grand prize by answering this question…

I am a die-hard country girl. I really enjoy visiting a large city but I’m always happiest here in my little corner of the woods. Elaine does her thing in the vibrant and cultured city of Miami. What about you? Are you a country or city person?


15 thoughts on “Blast Off – Elaine Perez, Summercrafter”

  1. For most of the year, I am an island girl living in Florida. Thankfully, there is a causeway so that I can easily visit my quilty friends and purchase crafty supplies. The rest of the year,I am a country girl living among the pine trees next to a quiet lake. While I love to visit the \’big\’ cities near either place, I love the quiet nature of both places. Even when the nature today includes watching those crafty squirrels adapt to my new bird feeders!
    Looking forward to reading the other responses!

  2. I am totally a country girl! Born, raised, military wife moving 14 times in 22 years, then back home to country living again! When we moved from duty station to duty station, we did try and find something at least at the edge of the city so we could pretend we didn\’t live in the city! ? I do, however, miss the convenience of going to crafts and fabric stores without a 1-2 hour drive! Praise God for online stores! ??

  3. I\’m more of a country girl – just not too far away from civilization. I love to visit the city but I don\’t want to live there!

  4. I\’m a small(er) town girl. Our hometown is less than 100,000 people. I live in the far west suburbs of Chicago, and, there are way too many people around here. I want \’space\’. Can\’t find that around here.

  5. Joyce Jackowski

    Definitely country. Would love to live in the woods, in a cabin, by the waterfalls with a deck….Alas, my husband is a beachy, warm weather kinda guy and we moved to Florida when he retired. I love him, so I will take the close to the beach area but am country at heart.

  6. I\’m country through and through! I grew up in a relatively small Midwest town and always wanted to move to a big city. After getting married, my husband got a job in Las Vegas! We lived there for 6 years and hated it. So now we live in rural Missouri! A much better fit!

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