A New Adventure!

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been a little quiet lately. That’s ’cause I’ve been working REALLY hard on our new adventure. Last month we started our 19th year in business. A lot has changed in that 19 years…and it’s about to change again. We’re moving to Colorado! Yup, this frugal yankee is heading west (again!) I’m sure you have questions so let’s get to answering them.

The cupboards are empty and the boxes are piling up!

Are you closing?

Absolutely not! Just changing things up!

Will you still vend at quilt shows?

Short answer…no. I do have a couple of shows left to do and then that’s it. I have enjoyed the company of quilters at shows, loved talking with all of you and seeing what you’re working on…but the schlepping of boxes to and fro is getting really hard on my old knees. Moosette is an adult now with her own life and I can no longer ask her to take time away from her obligations to help me. So I’m taking the opportunity of our family move to go back to my roots of teaching, pattern designing and expanding on the retreats that I do. I’m excited about the changes coming!

Will you still have your website?

Absolutely! It will just change with the new direction. I will be eliminating most of the fabrics (sale!) and only carry a few that correlate to things I’m teaching. A lot of the notions/gadgets/fun stuff/patterns will slim down (sale!) Our products will also be going back to our roots and concentrating on the unique, hard-to-find quality items.

What happens to the retreats you run?

Not a darn thing! My autumn in New England retreat will not have any visible changes. I’ll just have further to go to get there! I have teachers already booked through 2020 so I know I’ll be coming back for my fall color fix. I still plan to continue the Quilt Professionals retreat as well. Once I get settled into Colorado I’ll be looking into expanding my retreats to other parts of the country.

How did this all come about?

When you fall in love and marry a California boy and you’re a frugal yankee, you end up being by-coastal! We knew when Moosette graduated from college that we would move to a warmer climate. She graduates next May so we figured we would spend the next year getting the house ready to sell (purging, fixing all the honey-do’s…) when it was time. An unexpected opportunity fell in our laps and we found ourselves with a sold house (no honey-do’s, no staging, no fuss) and no place to go. We had already decided on the Colorado Springs area so we hopped on a plane to go house hunting. We ended up with a new house but it won’t be finished being built until next spring. Quickly found a place to ride out the winter here and we now have a plan. Once our new house is ready we’ll head west. Once Moosette has graduated she and her boyfriend will head west as well.

This will be the view from our front porch and back yard…minus the construction equipment…maybe a road put in…and our house…beautiful Pike’s Peak.

Thank You!

I will miss my woods, the lake, living in a small town…but I will miss the people here most of all. Thank you to all of our customers over the past 13 years we’ve lived in New Hampshire. You have made our business grow. As I said earlier…I’m not closing, just changing things up. Who knows, maybe you’ll see me teaching at a New England quilt show in the future!

I’m really looking forward to our new family adventure and all the possibilities that await us. I hope you’ll stay in touch via our newsletter or social media outlets…we’ll still be there! I’ll also be sharing bits about our move. I know there is a post coming next week on how to move when you’re a quilter!

So, thank you for the past. I’m looking forward to a bright future!

8 thoughts on “A New Adventure!”

  1. I am most interested in learning how to pack up my quilting room , as I to am looking to move in the next year. I wish you the best, and have enjoyed your postings , though I don’t often respond.

  2. Wow ! Your physical closness will be missed, but Enjoy ! What an adventure! and when things fall that well one HAS to go with them. I’ve enjoyed your posts and seeing you occasionally at the local quilt shows. Looking forward to your hints on packing up a stash. Go easy!

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