2020 Monthly Color Challenge

Guess what I’ll be doing in the new year? I’m excited to be one of the bloggers for this color challenge. I’m only required to make a couple of blocks during the year but I’m planning on doing them all. This challenge is put on by Patterns By Jen. Each month you will receive instructions for a block done in one color way or one color and a black or white background. It’s totally free to participate. You can get all the details on Jen’s blog.

I’ve decided to dive into the stash of my beloved Cherrywood fabrics. I’m thinking I will use a couple of the darker fabrics for the background…we’ll see. I have made a vow to not buy anything new. Everything for this challenge must come from this bag. Nothing like adding a challenge on top of a challenge…

Sure hope you’ll join in the fun. I’ve had a peek at the blocks for the year (one of the perks for being one of the bloggers!) and there is nothing fancy or difficult. You can do this…grab your scrap bin and let’s get to it! First block goes out New Year’s Eve.

2 thoughts on “2020 Monthly Color Challenge”

  1. Fluffing scraps is not the issue. LOL. Scraps are like gremlins the grow overnight when you are not looking. 😂😂 Looking forward to a challenge like this, maybe I will get through some of my scraps.

    Thanks for sharing

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