2020 Color Challenge – May

May’s color is green. I really wanted to use the lime green in my Cherrywood stash but there wasn’t enough of it for this block. I’ll have to save that for another month! Here is my block all finished:

I’m still using the two background colors in each block. I also went with two different greens (trust me the center is really a light green!)

This block has a lot of opportunities for nesting seams…which means there are a lot of opportunities to mess up your pressing if you’re not paying attention! If you’re not sure what nesting seams are, when you have two pieces come together it sometimes makes it easier to get them to line up correctly if the seam on one piece is to the left and on the other to the right.

In the photo above the seam on the upper pair is pressed to the left, the lower pair is pressed to the right. When you bring those two pieces together the seams will nest together to give you a nice junction.

You can also press your seams open as shown in the lighter block in the above photo. Pressing open will give you a flatter look, especially when you have lots of seams coming together.

So, how do you make sure you press the seam to the correct side? Simply by chanting “TO on top”! Whatever side you want your seam pressed TO, place that on top on your ironing board. Peal back the top layer and press away.

As long as we’re on the subject of pressing…you do practice setting your seams, right? I did a video awhile back that shows how you can experiment at home to discover that setting your seams really does make a difference. You can check it out here on our YouTube channel. It was awhile ago so please don’t judge me…

You can get the free instructions here…but only for the month of May! Did I mention that there are awesome prizes too? Thanks for putting this all together Patterns by Jen! You can check out the May bloggers too:

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