2020 Color Challenge – February

The February block for the 2020 Color Challenge is up. This months color is Aqua. Just like last month that is a color that is lacking in my Cherrywood stash…sigh…the rest of the months I should be fine. Nothing like starting off a challenge and making it more challenging! Here is my version of the block. I did use two different blues for some added interest…and to stretch my blues!

This block has a lot of half-square triangles that come together. They can be a little tricky to sew together sometimes.

When you have two squares like those shown above you have a lot of bulk where the diagonals come together which can throw off your machine. Here’s a couple of tips:

*Use a walking foot. This will help feed the top and bottom layers at the same speed.

*Start at the two-layer end first. I don’t usually do this with my go-to machine but one of my other machines doesn’t mind going from few layers to more layers. It detests going from much bulk to less. If I’m using that machine then I will sew opposite of what’s shown in the above photo.

*Use a fine point stiletto. Be forewarned…once you start using a stiletto you can never go back!

You can stick that stiletto point right up near the needle. It will help to hold the fabric layers in place and keep any flaps from flipping. Better to run over the stiletto than your finger (spoken from experience) Hmm…I see my machine needs a good cleaning…

Next month’s color is orange. I have lots of that color!

You can get the free instructions here…but only for the month of February! Did I mention that there are awesome prizes too? Thanks for putting this all together Patterns by Jen! You can check out the February bloggers too:

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