Early Autumn in New England

Autumn in New England is one of my favorite things. People who don’t live here (or other places where the colors change) don’t realize that it’s a slow, gradual process. Prime leaf peeping season for my neighborhood is the first week of October (give or take a week) but we start seeing signs sometime in August. They are subtle signs but they’re there if you look. A stray colored leaf in a sea of green, the sudden disappearance of mosquitoes and the shortening days. The temperature is still usually warm during the day but you do get the occasional crisp evening. That’s when mushroom season really ramps up. I never knew mushrooms came in so many forms and colors. I took a walk around my property and snapped some photos. All these were taken on the same day. I left my toes in some of the photos for size reference. Lots of shrooms! Maybe their color or form will inspire a new quilt!

Of course, there is always the overachiever. That one tree that just HAS to finish before everyone else. I’m sure you’ve met the human version of this at a quilt class before…

4 thoughts on “Early Autumn in New England”

  1. Beautiful photos! If nothing else all of the colors of the different mushrooms show a wonderful assortment of neutral that I see working together.
    Thanks for sharing them.
    Ruth Chapman

  2. Terri,
    I loved meeting you on the infamous quilter trip to NY and back a few summers ago. I know Mom(Sue Wingate) will miss your knowledge and advice. My daughter just came home for her fall break for her first semester of college here in Indiana. Fall finally arrived this week! When my brother moved to Colorado to go to college, he said he missed the greeness of the East. Have a safe move! Your fabric packing tips made me laugh, but they’ll come in handy someday. Best wishes for you and your family.

    1. That was a fun bus trip! Yes, I will miss my woods…and my critters that wander through. I’m sure I’ll find something exciting to help fill the void!

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