12 Days Of Christmas!

Christmas is showing it’s little elfish ears over the horizon…it will be here before we know it! It’s time to start in on those holiday gift lists. Whether you need to make something for a special someone or need a gift for your sewing pals…it’s time to get crackin!! Crank up the Christmas tunes for our 12 Days Of Christmas event which will start on 11/4/17.

We will be offering you a special deal every day for 12 days. Some days it will be fabric, other days notions, patterns or gifts. Every day will be a super duper price. All you do is visit our website each day to find out what that day’s deal is. If you want it, leave a comment on our blog or facebook page and it’s yours. At the end of the 12 days I will invoice everyone for their chosen goodies and then ship them out to you.  It’s just that simple. Every order also gets a special gift as our way of saying thanks and Merry Christmas.

Want to know what the daily deal will be ahead of time? Join our Facebook fan page and you’ll get a one-day head start!

Supply is limited on the items. I do have some “extra” items to fill in if we run out of a particular item early in the day.

I can’t wait to show you all the wonders I have gathered!

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