12 Days Of Christmas – Day 9

Ready for a little fun and games?

Quilter’s Block Party is perfect for any gathering of quilters (guild meetings, retreats…) It’s kind of a mash-up of Pictionary and Charades. Each deck has 54 cards with block names and drawings on them.  Divide your group into two teams. One person from the first team draws a card and tries to get their teammates to guess the block name, without actually drawing the block. For instance, if they drew the Log Cabin card they could draw a house made of logs. Drawing skills and block name knowledge are not required. As a bonus you can use the cards as an index of quilt blocks…maybe for your next guild challenge!

Regular price is $19.95 but today it’s only $9.97.

Simply leave a comment on our blog or Facebook fan page indicating how many you want. We’ll respond to let you know we got your request. At the end of the 12 days we’ll invoice you and then ship it out as soon as your payment clears. There is no shipping charge, you get a free gift and you can also add any other items from our website for no additional shipping costs! Return tomorrow to see our next fun item!

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